Our Core Products

We specialise in the innovation of advanced analytics, with a range of featured products which highlight the breadth of capability and experience that we can offer.

From geo-location based analytics, to AI driven recommendation engines we can provide you with solutions which will unlock insights and value in your data, enabling you to make strategic decisions, optimise business processes and generate revenue growth from your customers.

See just some of our core products below, and feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements whether core analytics or supporting tools such as data platforms, data visualisation tools or marketing automation and loyalty platforms.

Location Optimiser

Location Optimiser from Ikano Insight precisely maps your visitor or shopper catchment areas, journey patterns and competitor shopping visits. We can help you understand your customer retail behaviours like never before. Based on actual visitor data, we help you research potential new locations or optimise existing sites, to create truly insight-led customer experiences.

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Data Visualisation Dashboard

A fully automated, cost-effective dashboard for on-demand insight based on key business KPIs and trends. Our user-friendly dashboards are quick to set up and can be scaled and customised to your specific industry and department requirements to increase business efficiency.

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Recommendation Engine

Harness the power of your data by using the Recommendation Engine to deliver highly targeted and relevant up-sells and cross sells to your customer base. This powerful tool will enable you to use personalised product recommendations to maximise your ROI.

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Customer Data Platform

Centralise your customer relationship data and create a single view of all customer interactions. This fully automated platform is a powerful and enhanced Single Customer View (SCV) and is business-ready.

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Marketing Automation

Automate omni-channel marketing activity and simplify your campaign creation and execution processes. Allows you to target one-to-one rather than one-to-many and gives you the advantage of speed to market via automating time-consuming, manual campaigns.

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A low cost, sustainable and mobile-first digital loyalty card. Enables your customers to easily connect with your brand and provides you with a rich source of data for deeper customer insight.

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