Attention Optimiser

Optimise all of your communications and designs to ensure that your target audience sees exactly what you want them to

A small creative adjustment could make a huge impact to your ROI.

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Challenge 1

We have no platform to optimise the layout of our communications

We currently have few effective ways of knowing if the layout of our campaign communications can be improved across all activity and channels both on and off-line.

Challenge 2

How do we know that our key messages are getting the desired attention?

We want to improve our customer engagement at key visual touchpoints so we can improve click through rates and influence in-store behaviour.

Challenge 3

I have no way of measuring the performance of marketing campaign layouts

We know where and how to reach our customers but find it difficult to test, iterate and learn which communication layouts resonate most with customers and have the biggest impact.

Optimise communications with intelligent insights backed by neuroscience

Using cutting edge neuroscience, we can instantly understand what your audience looks at first, enabling you to refine and optimise any communication or design layout for maximum impact and response.

One client was able to achieve a 33% increase in Direct Debit button set up clicks in 5 weeks

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Predictive analytics

Cutting edge neuroscience predicts what the human eye will see. Results are seen via heatmaps and indexing reports.

Optimise the impact and effectiveness of any brand communication in any channel

Digital optimisation

Use the Attention Optimiser digitally to improve click through rate/response rate for emails, social content, advertising, gaming and more.

Discover which of your messages and communications are getting the desired attention

In-store effectiveness

In-store insights can inform tactics which completely transform your customers’ experience to create a far smarter and more intelligent way of working.

Create enhanced instore designs, POS displays, product packaging and more

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Precise customer insights

Access precision insights including index scoring to enable you to make the exact layout refinements required to improve performance and efficiency.

Deliver tangible and measurable performance gains, efficiencies and ROI

Discover how the Attention Optimiser uses intelligent neuroscience to optimise brand communication layouts

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Drive intelligent and informed decision-making based on the specific elements and messages that create the most impact with your customers.

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Ikano Insight worked with us on our loyalty CRM campaigns. Their valuable input included targeted strategic planning, data and campaign analysis as well as predictive modelling with continuously improved results

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