Increase customer engagement with a mobile-first, cost-effective and sustainable digital loyalty card

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Challenge 1

I don’t have a digital loyalty scheme

I currently have no platform to connect the online and offline experiences with my brand and I want an efficient way of re-engaging, re-targeting and retaining customers.

Challenge 2

How can I nurture my customers at every brand touchpoint?

We know our customers are digitally savvy and mainly interact with our brand online, so we need a loyalty solution that’s not only digital-first but also helps us to nurture our customer relationships with regular communications.

Challenge 3

I want to improve how we measure our marketing campaigns

We invest time, resources and budget on re-targeting, as well as digital marketing campaigns but don’t have a loyalty-specific platform that we can use to measure personalised campaign responses.

Drive customer loyalty with a mobile-first, sustainable eCard solution

With a mobile-first approach to customer loyalty, identifying and engaging with your audience is an incredibly efficient way of nurturing relationships and creating a richer source of data and insight.

One of our e-card clients found that 56% of their customers who downloaded an eCard showed an increase in identified transactions.

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Bring off-line schemes on-line

Transfer an existing off-line scheme to a fully digital solution for a more cost-efficient method of setting up a new loyalty scheme.

Establish a low-cost loyalty scheme that drives engagement with your brand online

Mobile-first approach to loyalty

Make it easier for customers to connect with your brand by providing a digital-led experience that inspires loyalty through on-line interactions.

Deliver an enhanced customer experience in a way that meets their needs and increases brand engagement

A richer source of customer data

Better understand your customers and create a data source for deeper insights that can improve the way you communicate and engage with your customers.

Increase marketing ROI and campaign effectiveness with a deeper understanding of your customer data

Personalised push notifications

Identify a range of different customers and send personalised push notifications to reach and engage with them on a mobile-first platform.

Improve the way you communicate and connect with your customers through intelligently personalised push notifications

Discover how the eCard Solution can empower your brand with a mobile-first loyalty scheme

Contact us to learn more about how an eCard solution can help to create a digitally-led loyalty strategy that will completely transform the way you connect and engage with your customers.

Improve brand communications with deeper customer insight and understanding, a mobile-first approach and a personalised digital platform for enhanced customer engagement.

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The team at Ikano Insight really understood our campaign measurement challenges and created a Business Intelligence dashboard so we could access on-demand results of our email and DM campaigns

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