Use advanced analytics to target business growth and profitability

Advanced Analytics allows you to identify trends and patterns, directly enabling you to take action on them. Our Data Scientists are experts at implementing machine learning algorithms to drive customer segmentation, automated product cross-sell recommendations and retention strategies.

We work with you so you can visualise and gain clarity of your customer value, your competitor customer value, target market share locations, pricing and profitability, marketing and loyalty strategies and much more. All driving sustainable growth for your retail business.

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How can I extract the value from my data to deliver market share growth?

Accessing and extracting value from the right data sets can be highly complex. Ikano Insight can help you use the right combination of advanced analytics techniques to target the right customers for maximum share growth, with the right product, price and communication strategies to achieve that growth.

To maximise the potential of your data, it’s crucial to combine the very latest datasets with your own to expand your market view. We can blend our innovative location analytics data, with your own customer and market data, to visualise and precisely define your market growth opportunity in over 70 million locations world-wide.

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Deliver improved marketing attribution to optimise your marketing budgets

Measuring marketing effectiveness using advanced data analytics enables you to optimise your marketing budgets and spend, by delivering clear marketing attribution analysis.

Use this valuable data insight to drill down into your marketing attribution, exploring conversion rates by specific channels or by user journey touchpoints and more. Strengthen your knowledge of how your customers think and act so you can present them the right product at the right time and in the right place.

Core benefits:

Streamline / improve the process of marketing attribution
Use your marketing budget efficiently
Improve conversion rates
Choose the optimum channels to reach your target audience
Sharpen your strategic planning with predictive modelling
Improve your ROI

Visualised data comparison delivers operational efficiency

Analyse and compare the effectiveness of every aspect of your campaigns: messaging, offer, creative, product, price, timing. Complement your knowledge of past campaigns with predictive modelling for a fuller visualisation to inform focused strategic planning.

Advanced analytics gives you depth of data visualisation so you can make better business decisions and achieve operational efficiencies. By using automated solutions such as our Marketing Automation product or Recommendation Engine.

Core benefits:

Simplify complex campaign results
Measure performance and identify business drivers
Facilitate effective activity comparisons
Create highly targeted future marketing campaigns
Automation delivers operational efficiencies
Depth of analysis reduces spend risk / increases profitability

Drive more accurate investment decisions for customer acquisition and higher ROI

Once your data is consolidated and cleaned you can use advanced analytics to drive your marketing strategy. Take the guesswork out of marketing spend allocation with actionable customer data insight and make data-driven business decisions by channel and customer segment.

Use A/B testing to optimise campaign effectiveness, improve your customer acquisition results and achieve a higher ROI. Bring in automated techniques such as our Recommendation Engine for personalised up-sells and cross-sells, or Marketing Automation to reduce campaign lead times from weeks into hours / days from scheduling through to measurement.

Make data-driven investment / spend decisions
Personalisation: encourage sales / conversion via product recommendations
Speed / efficiency: automated marketing solutions
Test to improve automated testing techniques
Increase customer acquisition / brand engagement

Location Optimiser

Know which competitors your customers visit, how often and when

Consumer geo-location analytics reveals what drives your customers, their choices, decisions and behaviour

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Recommendation Engine

Drive engagement with cross-sells and up-sells via personalised and highly relevant product recommendations

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Customer Data Platform

Centralise customer relationship data with a fully automated platform creating a single customer view of all interactions

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Marketing Automation

Simplify marketing campaign execution by automating complex omni-channel engagement activity

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Amplify your data insight with an advanced analytics solution focused on driving your business strategy

Our team of data scientists and engineers can guide you through the extensive insight solutions at our fingertips.

We’ll take the time to get to know you, your industry and your specific business challenges whether you want to focus on one specific area or are looking for an advanced analytics data insight partner for the long term.

Let your data start telling you the stories behind your valuable customers and target prospects today

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Our Advanced Analytics services include:

Recommendation Engine
Marketing Automation
Complex event analysis
Machine learning (Bayesian, Neural network, dimension reduction, ensemble)
Cohort analysis
Retention analysis
Cluster analysis
Process optimisation
Predictive modelling
Data insight & storytelling

By comparing the difference in transactional behaviour across the stores, plus dwell time analysis we build a picture of the consumer’s habits and cross store shopping journeys

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