October 15, 2013

Marketers remain unsure how to leverage data

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The majority of marketing professionals remain unsure how to leverage data to their advantage, it has been claimed.

Helen Crossley, who works as a measurement and insights lead for Facebook, believes that businesses may have solved the problem of storing and retrieving this data, but the ability to turn it into actionable business insights remains a stumbling block.

In an interview with cio.co.uk, she urged fellow experts in this field to improve the way they explain the benefits of collecting big data.

She said: “There are so many people out there talking about big data who really are, to put it bluntly, just confusing people. A lot of marketers aren’t really sure in this space. It’s new territory for a lot of people and I think, as an industry and as thought-leaders in the industry, we need to be out there being clear, concise.”

IT journalist Colin Barker is one expert who agrees with this point of view. Writing for zdnet.com, he cited a survey from IT outsourcing firm CSC suggesting that more than half of CIOs believe that they have “data scientists” to call upon in their organisation.

Yet, his article also suggested their remained a shortage of “deep analytical talent” in the IT industry.

Posted by Christian Stilwell


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Marketers remain unsure how to leverage data