Common marketing mistakes

Posted By Pinar Dost ⋅ June 20, 2019

Your organisation’s data is one of its most valuable assets. It takes time, effort and budget to gather databases of high-quality, GDPR-compliant consumer data – plus extra reserves of all three to maintain them – so the last thing you need is for anything to impair their worth.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall into the… Read more

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The power of customer loyalty: Tesco and healthy eating

Posted By Pinar Dost ⋅ March 11, 2019

Take a look in the average person’s purse or wallet and it’s likely you’ll find at least a few branded loyalty cards. If so, it’s even more likely that one of them is a Tesco Clubcard. Since the scheme was launched in 1994, Tesco’s loyalty programme has become one of the most popular around, now… Read more

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How Netflix uses big data selectively to stream supreme

Posted By Pinar Dost ⋅ March 4, 2019

There aren’t many companies that have seen their products and services become part of international pop culture as rapidly or decisively as Netflix. The media streaming giant, which started out as a mail-order DVD rental service, has over 139 million subscribers across 190 countries at last count, and now boasts a huge collection of exclusive… Read more

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How data transformed customer experience at Rome Airport

Posted By Pinar Dost ⋅ December 20, 2018

As reversals of fortunes go, few have pulled off one as impressive as Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport. In 2013, the international travel hub was ranked one of the world’s worst for passenger service, while in 2018, it broke the record for the highest ever quality score for the same metric – quite the comeback.… Read more

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Expanding your marketing overseas and into the unknown

Posted By Pinar Dost ⋅ December 10, 2018

The world is smaller than ever, and nowhere is this more true than in business. Communication technology and remote collaboration have made international working as straightforward as being in the same room, but despite this, a huge number of UK companies aren’t taking advantage. In fact, recent research has found that three quarters of UK… Read more

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