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Big Data in China

“Using big data to define a new market opportunity for automotive products in China”

Our challenge:

The Chinese automotive market is now the largest in the world and continues to grow in double digits. It has also become one of the most competitive, with all of the major European, Japanese and American brands present alongside a growing number of home grown Chinese models. As the middle class population grows in affluence and has more leisure time on its hands, our client was looking to understand the market opportunity for automotive products. Quant’s task was to analyse consumer online behaviour to quantify the size of a new market entry opportunity.

Quant’s big data proposition in China:

Quant partners with major utilities in China to commercialise web stream data without reference to personal identities. We offer major brands the opportunity to gain a much deeper understanding of consumer behaviour than available through any other means. Quant uses its own unique software and applications to review circa 100 terabytes a day, a vast amount of data, from which we then create valuable insights for our clients.

How we seized the data:

The first stage was to look at the Shanghai market and the online browsing data for 450k consumers, who were identified as having a specific interest in automotive brands and products.  We then prepared a behavioural analysis of automotive products and brands and overlaid these onto the audience segmentation.

By adding actual purchasing activity from e-commerce sites, we were able to understand not only the size of the market but also the propensity to convert for specific segments and profiles. This enabled us to quantify the business opportunity for our client.


Our client is currently in the final stages of designing a market entry plan.

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