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The power of advanced analytics

We empower businesses to make faster, better decisions to build a sustainable future, grow customer value and market share.

We simplify data for business users, extracting insights and putting the value in your hands to drive immediate action.

We deliver solutions that help you create a sustainable business for your future, your people and the planet.

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For over 15 years working with IKEA, a world leader in business sustainability, Ikano Insight is now focused on enabling all businesses in every sector to achieve their sustainability ambitions.

Our heritage in retail analytics, leverages tools such as geo-location analytics for Scope 3 emissions calculation, and we still specialise in helping retailers address the challenges of delivering growth within sustainable business strategies.

We live and work with values and principles born of our heritage.

  • Common sense and simplicity
  • Working together
  • Daring to be different
  • On fair terms

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ikano insight our values

Ikano Insight is part of the Ikano Group, originally part of IKEA, now independent since 1988.

Still owned by IKEA founders, the Kamprad family, Ikano has always focused on working together to create relevant solutions that simplify people’s lives and contribute to better living.

Ikano puts sustainability at the heart of everything we do, enabling good long-term business and contributing to a better future.

Today Ikano Insight harnesses technology and advanced analytics to simplify the sustainability journey of businesses everywhere.


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