We simplify data

Ikano Insight began life as the agency that managed what is now the world’s largest retail loyalty scheme – the IKEA Family programme.

Working with IKEA for over 15 years, and now part of the Ikano Group, we live and work by the same values and principles.

When Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943, he brought a new perspective to home furnishing, to “create a better everyday life for the many people”.

Today Ikano Insight brings new perspectives to businesses everywhere, making everyday lives easier by delivering value that businesses struggle to unlock.

Part of Ikano Group since 2018, and still owned by the Kamprad family, we specialise in retail and sustainability analytics, maintaining our ambition to help create a better world.

Simplifying life is now in our genes, and at Ikano Insight that means simplifying data, so that our clients can get on with their business, and achieve their goals.

We are interested in people and life

We’re grounded in data, but it’s our passion for understanding the people and stories behind the data that makes us and our solutions unique. And it is fundamental to who we are and everything that we do:

Our approach

By understanding you and your customers, not just the data, we are able to help you make more informed decisions, invest wisely and shape your future.

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Our culture

Our friendly, trusting, diverse and energetic environment encourages teamwork. We believe that by working together everyone achieves more.

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Our sustainability strategy

As a global, value-driven company, it is our belief that we must take responsibility and ensure we have a positive impact on people and the planet.

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Our communities

We care how we impact and interact with the world around us and are continually looking for ways to improve this, and the lives of those around us.

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Data is most powerful when simplified, and made actionable

Data is your most important asset. Our job is to make sense of data, helping you solve complex challenges in simple ways. Our expertise ranges from growing customer value through best-in-class retail CRM analytics, to powering your sustainability performance with advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Choose us as your trusted data insight partner and we’ll help you make more agile business decisions, increase profitability and drive growth.

Teresa Booth, CEO

Ikano Insight

Our measures of success

Business goals like increasing ROI, identifying cost efficiencies and achieving growth are not the only measure of success. We believe building relationships, trust, and supporting those we collaborate with to be of equal, if not greater, importance.

Listening to clients, adapting to their ever-changing needs and offering fast, flexible solutions
Increasing the value of our clients' data with accessible and actionable insights
Being a trusted partner to hold and work with sensitive data
Collaborating with clients who choose us as a partner time and again
Being recommended to others based on our reputation and results
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