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Location analytics: a live product demo

In 35 minutes you’ll find out:

  • Why location analytics is the latest and most accurate way to analyse customer behaviour
  • Why it’s better than traditional location planning data
  • Detailed knowledge on how it works
  • How IKEA used it to enormous effect
  • How you too can locate new target audiences and grow market share
On-demand webinar: Using Consumer Location Analytics to grow your business

How can CSRD be good for business, people and planet?

Watch Peter Jones and Kajsa Holst discuss:

  • What CSRD is and why is it good for businesses
  • What are the practicalities and fundamentals of becoming CSRD compliant
  • What challenges businesses can expect to face if they haven’t started preparing for CSRD yet, and how to overcome them
  • How Ikano Group are tackling the CSRD and how it has changed the business
  • How businesses can continue to act whilst still fulfilling legislation
  • Top tips to ensure CSRD success!
CSRD webinar on demand recording

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