Section 1: Sustainability

Introduction to ESG Optimiser

In a few minutes you’ll see:

  • Why becoming more sustainable is important
  • The ESG challenges businesses are facing
  • How our platform can support with data capture & automation
  • The ESG frameworks our tool covers
  • How we can simplify your journey to sustainability
Introduction to ESG Optimiser video introduction thumbnail

Measuring your sustainability

In a few minutes you’ll see:

  • How to simplify sustainability measurement
  • How track your entire sustainability journey
  • All the different types of data you can and should track
  • How flexible and customised your dashboard can be
  • How to make your data accessible across your organisation
Sustainability dashboards

Section 2: Location analytics

The one minute intro

In one minute you’ll see:

  • Catchment area maps that identify areas of growth opportunity
  • Residential location of customers, enabling precise targeting
  • Time of day and day of week visitation analysis, to understand customer behaviour
  • Dwell time analysis, to compare store performance
  • Customer shopping journeys, to enable targeted outdoor advertising
location analytics in retail 1 minute video intro

The ten minute demo

In ten minutes you’ll see:

  • All the pages we see in a full demo – exactly where your customers are
  • How we can map your competitor customer behaviour
  • How you can then see where to target them at home
  • How you can build a market share growth plan
  • How you can recover lost customers and win new ones
Using location analytics in retail to grow market share - video demo

Free consultation with an expert

If you’d like to chat about any of these subjects: growing your market share, transforming data strategy, or becoming a sustainable business, just get in touch. We’re here to help.


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