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Local donation and community impact

As a global, value-driven company, with a culture based on the spirit of togetherness, it is our genuine belief that we must have a positive impact on people – and empower our co-workers, customers and partners to follow our lead.

The world has changed and so has the way we work. Before, business and charity were seen a separate, but today we aim to be, and do, good business. Our goal is to be more relevant than ever, and to work in line with our new sustainability strategy – with a holistic focus on People and Planet.

Our 2022 charity partner

As a group, our vision is to create possibilities for better living. Independent Age is an incredibly relevant charity partner based upon the work they do to improve the lives of older people across the UK.

Their main goal is to help the 13.5 million older people maintain independence and live with dignity, choice and purpose. They work with older people to find the right solution to solve their daily problems, to ensure that as they grow older they have a fair chance of living the way they want, and not the way they have to.

Since 2020, Ikano Insight has donated over £80,000 to Independent Age

Independent Age offer a range of services, and our donations have focused on 3 key areas.

  • We sponsored their Scamwise guide which provides tools and information to spot, avoid and report scams and make confident choices when faced with fraudulent activity
  • Through the Tier Two Advice service we have helped maximise the income by identifying unclaimed benefit entitlement and informing them on how to claim it
  • Their Telephone Befriending Service matches an older person with a volunteer to have a phone call once a week to tackle loneliness

Ikano Group Emergency Fund: WONDER Foundation

After the devastating war in Ukraine broke out, Ikano Group allocated a group-wide emergency fund, allowing us to take immediate action and help Ukrainian refugees.

Thanks to this, we donated 25,000EUR to WONDER Foundation, who have been supporting women, girls and families fleeing Ukraine to Poland with the support of their local Polish partners in 5 different Polish cities.

WONDER not only provide short-term relief for refugees through emergency supply donations and shelter, they also work with women and families to ensure they have long-term support as well. Polish language classes, job referrals, accessing school places for children and providing psychological and support are just some of the initiative they have in place so that families can restart their lives in Poland.


This fantastic long-term partnership continues to go from strength to strength

I’d like to thank Ikano Insight for working with Independent Age to reduce poverty and loneliness in later life. Since 2020, you have raised a stunning £80,000 in support of our helpline, Scamwise and volunteering services; all of which make a positive impact on the lives of older people who seek expert advice and friendship.

James Hails | Head of Partnerships & Philanthropy at Independent Age

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