Our approach

How we work with our clients and partners

By refusing to accept a pattern simply because it is well established, we make progress.

We dare to do things differently. Not just in large matters, but in solving small everyday problems too.

Founder of IKEA

Ingvar Kamprad

We begin with you

Driven by our heritage, culture and values, we collaborate closely with clients and partners to solve often complex challenges, not only to help you achieve your business performance goals, but also to make your everyday life easier.

We are consultative at heart, and constantly ask the question ‘why’ constantly in pursuit of the best solutions, looking to help you get the best from your existing infrastructures and processes, as well as providing or assisting with new technical implementations.

By understanding you and your customers, not just the data, we are able to help you make better decisions, invest wisely and shape your future.

Your data is powerful

Our approach is a simple, robust methodology:

  • Diagnose
  • Design
  • Develop

Enabling you to reach, harness and leverage all the data in and around your business, to achieve a wide variety of significant business goals

we simplify your data

How we work with you

At every stage, our entire focus is upon your business and specific goals, not only what you want to achieve but also what you need to do to achieve it

– Identify value exchange
– Map customer experience & gap analysis
– Review current reporting & engagement
– Map data & technology gap analysis
– Identify insight gaps & decisioning tools

– Define customer journey goal
– Develop core insight platforms
– Enhance customer experience
– Create testing framework
– Identify KPIs
– Define and implement best practices
– Embed processes and testing protocols

– Implement testing framework
– Review results
– Identify optimisation opportunities
– Evaluate contact/channel strategy
– Enable new capabilities
– Tech and templates
– Channels and audiences

Our areas of expertise

With a unique level of experience which comes from our Ikano and IKEA experience, we provide

Business Intelligence
Advanced Analytics
and Loyalty & CRM solutions

to businesses all over the world, with expertise in applied technologies required to achieve optimum results.

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