Our approach

By understanding you and your customers, not just the data, we are able to help you make better decisions, invest wisely and shape your future.

We dare to do things differently

By refusing to accept a pattern simply because it is well established, we make progress.

Not just in large matters, but in solving small everyday problems too.

This is our starting point when we work with you. We focus on where you want be, and how we can help to get you there.

we dare to be different

Your data is powerful

We are consultative at heart, and constantly ask the question ‘why’ in pursuit of the best solutions.

We start by looking to help you get the best from your existing data and technology, but also look to the future for you, uncovering what will continue to make a difference for your business.

Our approach is a simple, robust methodology:

  • Assess
  • Analyse
  • Act

With innovation that will empower your business to accelerate towards your goals.


Ikano Insight our approach to working with you

Our solutions

Our expertise lies in delivering solutions that grow retail market share, and create business futures that are sustainable for you, your people and our planet.

Retail solutions

From location analytics to loyalty schemes, with 15 years working closely with IKEA brands world-wide, Ikano Insight now assists all retail businesses to adjust quickly to consumer behavioural shifts, and become more competitive in an omni-channel market.

Sustainability solutions

Our ESG and sustainability solutions enable your business to rapidly and easily collect and measure carbon emissions data, to improve your overall ESG business performance, and meet your strategic goals and responsibilities.

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