We are a data, insight & business intelligence agency

We transform your everyday data into meaningful, actionable insights by making the complex simple with innovative solutions, products and expertise.

With people at our heart and a dare to be different mindset, we create endless possibilities for businesses to thrive.

What we do

We believe that data is not just redefining the future, it IS the future. But data is only as powerful as the stories we tell and the insights we gather.

Data is your most important asset. Our job is to make sense of data, helping you solve complex challenges in simple ways. Our expertise ranges from offering best-in-class CRM support, creating unique, personalised customer experiences, to enhancing your overall performance with effective data strategies and management reporting tools.

Choose us as your trusted data insight partner and we’ll help you make more agile business decisions, increase profitability and drive growth.

Teresa Booth, Acting CEO

Ikano Insight

Ikano Insight is proud to be part of the Ikano Group – an international group of companies active in data analytics, banking, real estate, manufacturing, insurance and retail.

We each have our own identity, but we share many values with IKEA and across Ikano, including a desire to simplify people’s lives. Our heritage is rooted in Scandinavian simplicity, with togetherness and daring to be different at the heart of everything we do.

Human-centric approach with people at our heart

We are interested in people and life.

Yes, we’re grounded in data but it’s our passion for understanding the people and stories behind the data that makes our process and solutions truly unique.

We believe that only with the strongest relationships and understanding of our clients can we deliver the best results.

By understanding you, not just your data, we are able to help you make better decisions, invest wisely, and shape your future.

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Our values and our promise

Customers, partners and co-workers choose us for what we stand for, what we deliver and how we deliver it.

Three core values and our brand promise guide all Ikano businesses.

We never compromise on our values:

  • Common sense and simplicity
  • Working together
  • Daring to be different

Nor do we compromise on our promise:

  • On fair terms

For us, this means we continuously find better ways to make sense of your data and offer simple and meaningful insights; always on fair terms. Find out more about our culture.

Our measure of success

Business goals like increasing ROI on spend, achieving growth and impressive results are not the only measure of success. We believe that building relationships, trust, and supporting those we collaborate with to be of equal, if not more, importance.

Increasing the value of our clients' data with accessible and actionable insights
Being a trusted partner to hold and work with sensitive data
Listening to clients, adapting to their ever-changing needs and offering fast, flexible solutions
Collaborating with clients who choose us as a partner time and again
Being recommended to others based on our reputation and results

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