Recommendation Engine

A powerful marketing tool which harnesses data insight by delivering relevant product recommendations via targeted and personalised cross-sells and up-sells

The Recommendation Engine creates highly effective and efficient campaigns to maximise your ROI.

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Challenge 1

I have no platform to action my data

I have a lot of valuable customer data but no way of turning this into actionable insights in terms of better understanding what my customers want and which products I should be offering them.

Challenge 2

I need to better nurture my customer relationships

I have no process or framework to help understand, manage and nurture customer relationships through relevant product interaction knowledge to generate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Challenge 3

I want to improve my marketing campaigns

I need a way to improve my marketing campaigns by better understanding my customers’ individual needs; having the opportunity to test, iterate and refine campaign components such as customer segments and product types.

Drive your marketing campaigns with relevant product recommendations

Simplify complex customer purchase data to create actionable insights that enable you to recommend products and services that deliver improved results and greater ROI.

One of our clients has seen the Recommendation Engine drive a 7x increase in retail spend per customer (vs a control group)

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Refine customer experience

Craft a tailored and personalised experience for users across all brand touchpoints by providing a one-to-one marketing experience, rather than a one-to-many.

Increase engagement with marketing activity by tailoring relevant communications towards specific customers and individuals

Drive sales transactions

Integrate specific product recommendations into your user journeys to improve the value of your customers by only presenting them with products that are tailored to their individual needs.

Create more effective journeys-to-purchase to increase customer basket size and average order value

Deliver customer re-engagement

Highly targeted marketing and campaigns product recommendations can be used to drive re-engagement of abandoned baskets and encourage more conversions.

Retain customers and encourage repeat-purchases by re-targeting customers who abandoned their basket

Inspire brand affinity

Enhance your brand’s differentiation and USP by pushing products and messages that create greater brand affinity, advocacy, loyalty and retention.

Positively influence your customers' purchase behaviour through improved brand loyalty and advocacy

Improve up-sells and cross-sell

Generate up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by measuring and analysing customer-data to recommend products far more aligned with what they are interested in or looking for.

Make marketing more efficient and effective with data-led, intelligent up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Find out how the Recommendation Engine can power your marketing

Discover how the Recommendation Engine can help to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activity through insightful cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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