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ESG Optimiser powered by IBM Envizi technology is a fully integrated platform, that automates capture, consolidation and analysis of all your ESG data.

  • Automated capture from over 700 sources of required data
  • Automated GHG emissions calculations (Scope 1, 2 and 3) with over 40,000 built in carbon emissions factors
  • Fully integrated reporting matching all major ESG frameworks, including CSRD

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What you will see in a demo

In just 30 minutes, our Sustainability Team will guide you through a live instance of the platform, demonstrating key modules and features. Focus on your key challenges or areas of interest, and ask any questions.

All your ESG data captured and consolidated in a single system of record

  • Automated data capture from ERP and finance systems, property management databases, supplier data files and other business platforms
  • Available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese and Japanese
  • Multi-metric, multi-currency cost and consumption data converted into comparable units and time periods
  • All data traced back to source files with an audit record of changes made and data quality represented on dashboards
Over 500 sources of ESG Optimiser data capture and management

Automatic emissions calculations built on the GHG Protocol

  • Automated calculation of Scope 1 and 2, and all fifteen categories of Scope 3
  • Utilising over 40,000 emissions factors and a factor selection algorithm
  • Leverages AI and embedded emission factor libraries to accelerate Scope 3 calculation
  • Supports over 40 variations of GHG calculation methodologies across Scope 3 categories
  • Summaries of calculation accuracy by data type – based on calculation methodology
ESG Optimiser Scope 1,2 and 3 automated GHG calculations

Fully integrated ESG Framework response management

  • All major frameworks including CSRD, TCFD, SBTi, GRI, CDP and many more
  • Respond to multiple frameworks from one dataset
  • Fully integrated – no need to access external reporting frameworks
  • Over 1000 questions constantly updated as requirements change
  • Transfer responses across frameworks, and reuse previous answer
Integrated ESG Framework response templates

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