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Using Consumer Location Analytics to grow your business

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If you’re in retail, hospitality, leisure or any business where location is critical, then you will want to understand how consumer geo-location analysis can benefit you.

This webinar explains the fundamentals for you, and shows useful examples how other businesses have solved challenges and answered strategic questions that they faced.

Learn about Consumer Location Analytics

Watch Kayleigh Pirie and Ashley Patterson of Ikano Insight explain the fundamentals of consumer location analysis:

  • How to analyse consumer movement to and from your locations, and also your competitors
  • Understanding time of day and day of week footfall patterns
  • Seeing daytime and evening locations of consumers
  • Identifying demographic groups
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And realise the benefits:

Know where your customers live and work
Know where they travel and how far
Know which competitors they visit and how often
Ultimately understand where the best site for your business is
Or what you need to do to attract more customers to current sites

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