Peter Jones starts as Head of Sustainability

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August 16, 2022

Last Updated: August 16, 2022

Ikano Insight are delighted to announce a key appointment in the continued development of the business.

Peter Jones has been appointed as Head of Sustainability to lead the continued development of the sustainability proposition.

Ikano Insight, an advanced analytics and insight business, specialises in advanced retail and sustainability analytics, supporting businesses such as IKEA for over 10 years. Working across Europe, Asia and South America, Ikano Insight harnesses data, technology and advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights to businesses looking to unlock the value in their data. Ikano Insight have already developed sustainability dashboards for the Ikano Group businesses to enable them to measure their progress against their sustainability goals, as well as undertaken deep analysis to improve sustainability performance of raw material usage and supported employees to have a better work experience.

Sustainability and ESG are becoming more important for businesses and it is imperative that they make the move to fully integrate sustainability throughout everything they do. That is why we are putting an even greater focus on sustainability and ESG at Ikano Insight, where sustainability has been part of the DNA from inception.

Teresa Booth, CEO says “It is fantastic to have Peter joining us as he brings many years of experience from Ingka, the largest IKEA franchisee, working on sustainability and how to integrate and measure this in businesses. In the coming months he will drive our sustainability agenda and we will bring to market some key analytics tools, including improved dashboards, as well as analytical tools to help reduce CO2 emissions and have a positive impact on employees. This is going to be an exciting journey and we look forward to sharing a lot more as we develop.”

Peter says “I am very excited to be joining Ikano Insight, a business that already offers great analytical work within sustainability. After many years in Ingka I want to be able to support more of the many people and Ikano Insight was the obvious choice to me. I look forward to working with many companies helping them measure and integrate sustainability into their business”

If you would like to understand your sustainability data, turn it into action and improve your sustainability performance, then please book a free one-hour initial consultation with Peter by emailing him at

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Peter Jones starts as Head of Sustainability