Our sustainability strategy

for the world we live in

Sustainability is a journey. We can’t wait for one big solution, we have to take many small decisive steps.

Owners of Ikano Group

Peter, Jonas and Mathias Kamprad

Sustainability at Ikano Insight

With our planet in code red and in times of pandemic, it is obvious that we are in the midst of a crisis. This demands agility, compassion and finding creative solutions together.

We have always believed in creating possibilities for better living for the many people, and we are convinced that sustainability is an enabler for good business.

With this strategy, we strive to inspire and enable our many co-workers, customers and partners to live healthier and more sustainable lives within the boundaries of our planet, as soon as possible. #betterfuturetogether

It starts with our vision

We have an ambition to create possibilities for better living within the limits of our planet, while growing our business in a responsible, profitable and fair way.

Some of society’s biggest challenges are climate change, inequality, unsustainable consumption and lack of well-being for people across the world. We ask ourselves how we can make a positive difference.

Our focus areas and the actions we take are rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Healthy & sustainable living
  • Circular & climate positive
  • Fair & inclusive


Ikano 2030 sustainability vision

How Ikano Insight makes a difference

Ikano Insight delivers its biggest impact on sustainability by supporting other businesses to measure their impact, their own sustainable development goals and how to reach them.

By creating business intelligence dashboards, we get a fantastic insight into both Ikano and non-Ikano businesses and how we can help beyond the dashboard.

Sustainability is a broad challenge encompassing people, society and our planet. Unless we measure what we do, how can we know the extent of the positive impact that we can make together?

To achieve sustainability goals, it is essential that sustainability is embedded within business objectives.

As such, businesses must be able to measure the impact of their sustainability activities and their progress towards these goals.

This helps businesses to understand where they can have the greatest impact and pivot their focus and ambitions to those areas of sustainability where they can make the biggest difference.

Our Business Intelligence dashboards help to achieve this.

Our sustainability objectives at Ikano Insight prioritise our capability to support other businesses to measure their progress towards their own sustainability goals and objectives.

Across Ikano Group, we have the passion, the energy and the commitment, necessary for our sustainability journey. In order to truly succeed, we ensure that sustainability is fully embedded in our business agenda.

Measuring performance, making data driven decisions and actions enables Ikano Group and all our customers to grow their businesses in a much more sustainable way.

Our personal impact

Our office management company currently work to WELL certification, with all our energy coming from green sources, and all lights 100% LED.

In addition, all our co-workers travel to work by public transport.

As a small and agile b2b agency, we are focused on supporting other businesses to measure and follow up on their performance and visualise their sustainability journey through dashboards. We also deliver advanced analytics, data insights and dashboards on a wide range of different business topics.

We are convinced this is where we can have the biggest impact on driving a broader sustainability agenda in our community.

Our sustainability goals for 2025 and beyond

Building on our heritage of delivering customer insight we will continuously seek to help our clients better understand their customers sustainability challenges and goals.

We aim to be known as an agile and respected analytics and data agency who help other businesses to measure their sustainability ambitions; track performance, develop predictive scenario planning and make better and more sustainable business decisions.

Healthy and sustainable living

Circular and climate positive

Fair and inclusive

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