Customer Data Platform

A fully automated platform that centralises customer relationship data creating a single customer view of all interactions.

The Customer Data Platform is business-ready to suit your needs, offering an enhanced and powerful Single Customer View (SCV).

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Challenge 1

I want to understand the true value of my customers

I need to consolidate and centralise my data which is gathered via omnichannel touchpoints and currently stored on different platforms. This will give me full data visibility so I can understand the true value of my customer relationships.

Challenge 2

I need to improve the way we manage our customer relationships

I want to segment my data and use this valuable insight to create customer lifecycle management programmes and communicate these highly targeted messages to our customers using automated marketing campaigns.

Challenge 3

I want to measure my marketing campaigns more effectively

I have no consistent way of measuring the performance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns and communications from both a product and a financial perspective.

Transform the way you manage your customer data

You could achieve dramatic results with our Customer Data Platform. One of our clients saw an incredible reduction in the internal resource time which was previously spent on marketing communication customer segment selection.

>>Selection time was reduced from 3 days to 30 minutes<<

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Consolidate scattered data

Match and merge processes ensure that data is applied to the right customers and significantly improve the integrity and accuracy of your customer database.

Give your business an accurate foundation to standardise data across your organisation and to develop your customer relationships

Cleansed customer data

Continual maintenance of your data with automated cleansing routines allows the Customer Data Platform to maintain both consistency and reliability throughout your customer database.

Drive ROI by eliminating risk of sending duplicate communications and ensure accurate customer personalisation

Data enrichment

Deepen your customer understanding with new rich data from third-party and online data sources.

Enriched customer understanding will improve relevancy and engagement resulting in increased brand loyalty

Data enhancement

Your customer data understanding can be enhanced with advanced analytics methodology such as segmentation and machine learning powered predictive models for effective marketing campaign planning.

Allows personalised predictive journeys to be developed for each customer segment

Development speed

The Customer Data Platform is designed with business-readiness in mind. Our customer database format can be re-purposed and applied to multiple business types.

Manage your business growth with a data platform that is quick to set up and can scale as your business does

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