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Simplify marketing campaigns by automating complex omni-channel engagement and activity

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Challenge 1

I need a platform to automate my marketing

We currently create campaigns manually and the time taken to do this has become prohibitive and expensive, our campaigns are simple, and we don’t have the foundations to grow or scale them.

Challenge 2

I want to nurture our customer relationships

We know our customers connect with us across multiple channels, yet we often target them where they interact with us the least. We have a sea of data, yet we continuously churn out irrelevant messaging increasing the risk of customer disengagement.

Challenge 3

How can we accurately measure our marketing campaigns?

We want to go from one-to-many communications, to one-to-one, being contextual and customer-led, rather than product-led but we need to better measure, manage and use our marketing data and insights to do so.

Simplify marketing campaigns with our automated marketing tool

With our Marketing Automation tool you can dramatically improve campaign efficiency and effectiveness. Driving omni-channel engagement across user journeys and touchpoints to deliver higher campaign conversions and ROI

One of our clients was able to achieve a £43m increase in annual revenue driven from their targeted marketing communications.

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Automated execution and activity

Automate time-consuming manual campaigns and resource intensive marketing tasks, as well as reducing the need for additional resource to upscale marketing campaigns.

Improve the efficiency of your marketing through automated campaign activity

Campaign customisation

Optimise channel interactions to target customers in the right channel at the right time and generate brand affinity through customer-led, not product-led, campaigns and communications.

Personalise automated marketing campaigns with target audiences and delivery timing

Context-relevant communications

Increased agility empowers you to automate campaigns based on reacting to fast-paced and ever-changing market conditions

Be responsive to grab opportunities and amplify relevant messages to drive in-the-moment purchases

Real-time event triggers

The marketing automation tool can be used to create real-time event ‘signals or triggers’ which enable campaigns to respond strategically and integrate with customers’ purchase behaviour.

Increase revenue and average transaction value by integrating your marketing with your customers' behaviour

Explore how the Marketing Automation tool can transform the efficiency of your campaigns and activity

Contact us to discover how the Marketing Automation can be used to completely transform the way your approach your campaigns, by using data-driven insights to drive more efficient and effective campaign execution.

Power your marketing with the ability to integrate third-party web services and other systems and software to create additional value to existing marketing processes and infrastructure.

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Ikano Insight introduced us to a number of effective automated solutions which streamlined our marketing processes and gave us operational efficiencies so we could focus on driving ROI and profitability

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