Business sustainability measurement

Your business is very likely facing growing pressure from stakeholders to be transparent about the impact you are having on the environment, and to prove that you are taking the correct measures to become more sustainable.

However, sustainability is a broad challenge, and unless you measure what you do, then how can you really know if you are progressing towards your sustainability goals?

At Ikano Insight, we have developed Business Intelligence Dashboards with a process designed specifically for sustainability goals.

Measuring sustainability

Track and measure your sustainability performance by making data accessible across your whole organisation.

Your businesses should be measuring things that both impact reduction on emissions and waste, and also promote positive business action.

Ensuring you have the right measures in place that deliver for your business as well as the environment, is the only route to a successful outcome.

You may already be using business intelligence dashboards, but are you able to track the multi-variate components of your whole sustainability journey?

With sustainability measures being so broad and complex, we understand the challenges businesses must overcome to answer all the questions they face:

  • Data is fragmented across all departments
  • Consolidation is both time consuming and complex
  • It is hard to know which KPI’s will make the biggest impact
  • The data is hard to understand and there is a lack of access to actionable insights
  • There are no simple visuals to communicate the journey with stakeholders
  • It is difficult to get all departments motivated to make changes


Sustainability dashboards

Watch the video below to understand the power of sustainability dashboards, to harness complex, fragmented data-sets and display critical KPI measures to all your business stakeholders:

Our dashboards are designed so you can measure exactly what’s right for your business and your sustainability journey. They give you complete flexibility to select the measures you want to track and will display everything you need to know in an easy to understand format.

Having a dashboard gives you access to real data and real insights so you can make a real impact. It proves that you’re taking the correct measures to become more sustainable.

Strengthen your brand communications by making your progress visible to all employees and co-workers. From this you will be able to build better relationships with your shareholders, based on trust and real insights.

Having a Sustainability Dashboard embedded in your organisation will bring many benefits, and help you address the challenges you are facing:

Centralised data platform where all your relevant data is consolidated and analysed

Data-led strategy development to gain greater ROI

Streamlined decision making with reduced risk

Versatile and visual display functionality to show exactly what you want to stakeholders

The dashboard development process

We will work with you to understand what your sustainability goals and KPIs are, and agree what you want to display on your dashboard. The audit allows us to verify that the data will demonstrate your chosen KPIs.

When you are happy with the layout and functionality of your dashboard, we will begin to capture and consolidate your data. All of the front end is customisable to suit all your business needs.

Once the build is complete, we will continue to monitor and optimise your dashboard to ensure you can track and measure your progress throughout your sustainability journey.

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