Dashboards drive sustainability performance in retail

The client

Ikano Retail own and operate 12 IKEA stores and 5 Ikano Centres anchored by IKEA, across Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Mexico. Their stores offer well-designed and functional furnishings at affordable prices, and their Centres are meeting places at the heart of the communities they are established in.

With a fast-growing business, Ikano Retail has the potential to inspire and enable more than 100 million visitors to make positive changes for people and the planet.

Ikano Retail is committed to putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do, and in September 2021 published a new sustainability statement:

“Making life at home a little more sustainable. Everyday”

Ikano Retail 2025 ambitions

To ensure sustainability is embedded across the organisation, each business unit and function has incorporated the long-term sustainability direction of the company into their individual business plans, and taken responsibility for developing the actions to achieve them. Ikano Retail has set ambitious goals and specific KPIs that focus on three crucial areas:

Create an unbeatable offer of products and services that enable sustainable living.

Make stores and centres a go-to destination for healthy and sustainable food.

Shift mindsets through bold communication and activities that engage co-workers and communities.

Develop and promote solutions that prolong the life of our products.

Seek innovations that reduce our use of energy and water while investing in solar power, electric vehicles and other solutions that reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Adjust our ways of working and invest in systems that help us reduce and manage the waste we generate within our business – driving toward zero waste to landfill.

Create fair and meaningful work for people of different races, ages, religions and sexual identities.

Make gender balance the norm, nurture local talent and develop local leaders.

Ensure workers in our supply chain are treated fairly and create work opportunities for disadvantaged people in our communities.

The challenge

Ikano Retail now faced the challenge of pulling together disparate data sets from many different measurement sources, across 5 separate geographical countries, in order to report on their goals, and communicate progress to all their co-workers on a single platform.

Their carefully selected sustainability KPIs were, for the most part, completely new to the organisation, with no pre-existing reporting structures to use as a foundation. A brand new data strategy was required, to be able to gather the right information from the correct data points, to then enable constant tracking and measurement of goals across the business.

And it was essential that the information would be presented in a straightforward way, so that all co-workers could be clear on what they were working towards, with complete transparency on what progress was being made.

Ikano Retail needed a bespoke solution that allowed them to consolidate their data and simplify it so everyone could understand and be accountable

With core capabilities in data consolidation and business intelligence visualisation, Ikano Insight could provide Ikano Retail with the power to unlock sustainability data, and deliver actionable insights that help them measure performance and take key strategic decisions in pursuit of their goals.

The solution

Sustainability Dashboards from Ikano Insight are completely flexible. They are custom built with the capability to track and measure KPI’s most relevant to every individual business, and have a clear and easy-to-understand display functionality.

As part of the initial consultation, we collaborated closely with experts in the Ikano Retail business, to understand every unique measurement and objective, required to achieve their overall 2022 goal, 2025 ambition and 2030 vision.

Our subsequent data audit reviewed sets of sample data for each individual KPI, allowing us to verify that the data Ikano Retail were collecting had the capacity to demonstrate the KPI’s that they needed.

Once all the data points were validated, we centralised data from 35 different data sources, across 5 territories to ensure that the dashboard was showing progress on a company wide scale. All the data is hosted on PostrgresDB and then pulled through to our PowerBI tool, which powers the Sustainability Dashboard. PowerBI can also be embedded into the company intranet, which was key to meeting another of Ikano Retail’s challenges.

Layout and design of the dashboard was delivered in line with Ikano Retail’s chosen look and style, and preferred user interfaces.

We collaborated with the client throughout a process of ‘design, develop and test’ where ideas from both parties were discussed and implemented to ensure that the dashboard presented all the required data points in the most visually effective way possible, validated by testing, and all approved to client specification.

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The results

With a company wide Sustainability Dashboard available to all stakeholders, Ikano Retail will have access to accurate, up-to-date data and real insights that enable informed business decisions. They will be able to track and measure on a constant basis, the progress they are making towards their goals, and adjust strategies according to newly visible insights.

Having a Sustainability Dashboard in place will make everyday life easier for those in the company, motivating co-workers towards the constant improvement needed, and significant progress is visible to all.

Ikano Retail will be able to see their progress towards a huge number of KPI’s across 5 regions on one platform. These include:

  • Number and sale levels of sustainable products
  • Generation and use of renewable energy
  • Reduction in food waste
  • Gender balance and representation within the company

Each of the KPI’s will have its own page on the dashboard, meaning co-workers will be able to access objectives most relevant to them, and see up-to-date progress towards goals. As a result, each co-worker will gain a greater understanding of what Ikano Retail is trying to achieve, and can see the contribution they are making when they change the way they work.

This objective visibility means everyone can be held accountable, and will become a lot more focused on what they do to make a positive difference.

Having this kind of information at our fingertips will enable us all to see where we are, keep us on track and enable us to share our sustainability stories with concrete data.

Acting Sustainability & Communication Manager | Ikano Retail

Corinna Schuler

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