Getting the most value from your Customer Data Platform

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February 8, 2022

Last Updated: December 22, 2022

Now more than ever, brands are relying on strong, robust and agile customer data platforms to better understand, manage and reach their audiences in a world which is run online.

Businesses who are then applying advanced analytics to these platforms are able to gain access to deeper insights and are therefore, extracting much more value than was ever available before. These insights are then allowing them to provide better experiences for their customers, both on and offline.

This leaves a huge opportunity for other brands to follow suit and look into ways of enhancing the way they use their data to improve how they engage with their customers.

What does a Customer Data Platform (CDP) do?

Customer Data Platforms are designed to help you understand, manage, and fully utilise all aspects of your customer data. They consolidate huge amounts of data from multiple sources into a platform that allows actionable insights to be created. They can also provide incredible detail with a powerful and enhanced single customer view.

These platforms give brands a far deeper understanding of their customers and audiences, as well as segments within these. From basic demographic information like age and gender, to deeper customer insights incorporating purchase behaviours and spending patterns.

There has been shift in these platforms from the more traditional uses around storing data and informing marketing decisions, to playing a far more advanced and sophisticated role within advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, predictive modelling and smart automation.

The benefits of CPD’s in marketing optimisation

In a world where customers now demand personalisation, here’s a breakdown of the most effective ways brands are integrating analytical tools with their Customer Data Platforms to create a more efficient and effective way of communication.

1. Audience segmentation, modelling, analysis and insights

Using a range of different segmentation and modelling methodologies, you can build a customer and audience database which cross-references a range of data points and customer information. From this, the platform can deliver far more accurate and reliable targeting and insights, no matter who you’re targeting or how you’re trying to do so.

This approach to segmentation means your Customer Data Platform contains all the information it needs to integrate with campaign broadcast and analysis tools, and deliver far more actionable and individualised campaigns and insights.

2. Efficient marketing attribution and optimisation

Integrating campaign analysis tools to your Customer Data Platform can help create efficient and effective marketing attribution, by drilling down into conversion rates, channels, audiences, touchpoints, and so much more.

Providing actionable insights tailored to your marketing approach and strategy will allow you to make decisions and continuously optimise campaigns based on their performance in a range of different metric areas and KPIs.

Build your knowledge of customer behaviours and habits so you can target and reach them in the right place, with the right message, at the right time.

3. Advanced analytics and campaigns

One of the most innovative uses of Advanced Analytics and Customer Data Platforms is predictive modelling using AI technology to create an ongoing approach to improving and optimising campaigns.

Predicting ideal campaign strategies and approaches based on both customer data, and the analysis of previous campaigns and activity, allows changes to be made in real time for a fully personalised customer experience.

Predictive modelling does the hard work for you and has a range of benefits from saving you time and resources through automation, to increasing the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Unlock the power of your customer data today

Better understand and manage your data in a way that is tailored to your specific processes and requirements, whether it’s informing marketing campaigns, automating communications, measuring the impact and success within different demographics, or completely overhauling the way you segment and target your core customers and audiences.

Want to know more?

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Getting the most value from your Customer Data Platform