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If you would like to know where else your customers go, and which competitors they visit, Ikano Insight are offering a limited number of Location Optimiser snapshot analyses, to all businesses where destination footfall is critical.

Whether you are in retail, hospitality, leisure or any other location that consumers visit, you can discover the benefits of geo-location analysis.

For just £500 (+VAT) you’ll receive a customer geo-location analysis based on actual user-permissioned mobile device data. This next generation methodology delivers greater accuracy and insight over traditional tools such as gravity models, drive-time analysis and census data.

Try Location Optimiser on one owned location and one competitor location of your choice and we’ll deduct the cost of your snapshot from any full study you commission as a result.

Choose 1 competitor location and 1 owned location for your snapshot analysis

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What do you get in a snapshot?

A Location Optimiser snapshot precisely maps the movement of visitors to your store/location and separately the movement of visitors to your chosen competitor location. Your analysis output will include:

  • Separate catchment area maps for both locations
  • Daytime and overnight location of customers for each location
  • Time of day and day of week visitation analysis for each location
  • Dwell time analysis at each location
  • Customer shopping journey pathways mapping for each location

Businesses who benefit most:

Shopping centres & retail parks
Cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars
Gyms & leisure destinations
Estate agents and property developers

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Looking for more from Location Optimiser?

A snapshot analysis is just the beginning of the possible insights which Location Optimiser can provide. Whether you are researching new locations or optimising current ones, there are limitless opportunities to understand what drives your customers, their choices, decisions and behaviour:

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A full study can include:

Analyse multiple locations anywhere whether owned or not
Analyse customer drive times to any location
Map and understand full shopping missions
Analyse share of customer time across multiple competing locations
Understand customer affinity levels across brands
Integrate owned first party data
Empower your team with custom data interrogation
Track trends over time with ongoing data refresh

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