Survive or thrive: the value of data insight

Exploring the use of data-driven strategies in the new retail landscape.

The global pandemic has impacted many aspects of our everyday lives and the retail industry has been among one of the hardest hit in terms of change. If you didn’t have e-commerce capabilities pre-Covid-19, then you had to transform pretty quickly to survive lockdown and beyond.

This report looks at the current state of play within retail and how the right customer data insight strategy can make the difference between surviving or thriving in our brave new retail world.

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Solutions and products tailored to the retail industry

CRM & Engagement

Whether a loyalty programme needs to be replaced, revised or implemented for the first time, and utilising one of the world’s most successful retail programmes, IKEA Family as a base template, Ikano Insight can implement a customised loyalty programme in 8-16 weeks.

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Recommendation Engine

Ikano Insight’s decision science teams have innovated an AI solution that combines transaction and browsing activity with social and profiled characteristics to enable personalised, next purchase recommendations for customers across all key channels.

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Business Intelligence

Our on-demand data visualisation tools help to better understand trends and correlations to make precise and informed business decisions. Giving you a far greater understanding of your customers and how your business can adapt to their specific needs and behaviours.

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Ikano Insight and Trapper Media move into joint partnership to offer analytics-based ESG solutions

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Peter Jones starts as Head of Sustainability

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