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How CSRD can be good for your business, people & planet

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Our recent webinar on what the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is and how it can be good for business, people and planet bought about some great insights.

We’ve summarised all the key points in this whitepaper for you to discover how beneficial CSRD can be for your business and community.

Some of the topics you will read are:

Understanding the CSRD legislation

  • What is CSRD?
  • When must companies fulfill the legislation?
  • What are the required disclosures?

Taking advantage of CSRD

  • How can CSRD be good for business?
  • How to use CSRD for wider change
  • Challenges & how to deal with them

…plus many more! Nearly all business across the UK and EU will need to comply with this new sustainability legislation by 2026, and this whitepaper can help you get started.

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Do you need to tackle CSRD reporting and compliance?

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