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If you’re looking to grow retail market share and want to target competitor customers, or simply want to understand visitation patterns in your local sector, this report is for you.

See exactly how the latest mobile-app based location analytics works, and the consumer insights now available to your business.

Choose two of your own stores, compare performance against a competitor or evaluate a potential new site.

What your report will show you

  • Catchment area maps to identify opportunity for potential market share growth or store cannibalisation
  • Residential location of customers enabling precise targeting in your marketing and uncover demographics
  • Time of day and day of week visitation analysis to understand customer behaviour
  • Dwell time analysis to compare store performance
  • Customer shopping journeys & pathing to optimise outoor marketing strategies or study traffic patterns
  • Visitation heatmaps to measure footfall

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Location analytics precisely maps the movement of visitors to your chosen locations.

Watch this one-minute video to get an introduction to the different ways location analytics can be used to strengthen retail strategy.

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Read more about location analytics

See an instant location analytics video demo

Watch this 10 minute video which explains exactly how location analytics works, and demonstrates how you can see competitor store visitation, analyse competitor performance, and map target customer locations.

See how you can identify and directly target market share growth.


Case study: read how IKEA discovered a whole new audience

This case study shows how IKEA discovered a new audience of approximately 250,000 potential new customers for their recently opened concept store, with a potential revenue growth opportunity of over $150 million.

Find out more with a personalised demo

If you’d like to know more about location analytics, and how it can accurately identify your market share growth potential, and target the right customers, just get in touch here.

We’ll have a chat and show you a personalised demo featuring your locations.


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