Sustainability Dashboards – a video introduction

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March 7, 2022

Last Updated: April 26, 2022

This video explains how consolidating and simplifying data, and integrating KPI’s into a data visualisation dashboard can help you track and measure your sustainability performance across your entire organisation.

Businesses are experiencing growing pressure from stakeholders to completely embed sustainability into their objectives and operations, here is how we can help:

Here’s what you’ll hear in the video:

We all know how vital a sustainability strategy is, and that it should be properly embedded into our business processes and operations. But can you effectively track, monitor and manage your sustainability journey? How do you know what you’re working towards is helping to shape the future?

Sustainability data is often spread around the business, in different departments, on different platforms, and in different locations. Reporting on progress towards KPI’s is often a manual and time-consuming process.

We saw a need for flexible and customisable dashboards that are easily accessible to everyone in the business. So, we have created them.

We are integrating your KPI’s so you can clearly visualise your data and track your journey in the focus areas that matter most. This invaluable dashboard insight will help you make informed business decisions so you can continue to refine your strategy and realise your sustainability ambitions. The transparency of information provided by the dashboards will inspire and empower your co-workers as well as bringing everybody together working towards the same goals.

By fully embedding this into your business, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to your customers and clients, clearly showing that this sits at the heart of your brand values.

Looking forward, the clarity this brings to your data will enable you to evolve your KPI’s and sustainability goals of the future. These custom-built dashboards have been built with all co-workers in mind, everybody has their part to play.


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Sustainability Dashboards – a video introduction