March 23, 2018

Supercharging Social Media with Apteco Marketing Suite

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As one of the CRM tools we use to derive meaningful insights from our customers’ data, Apteco Marketing Suite has a powerful set of capabilities.

We’ve already looked at two of the products within the marketing suite; the data visualisation functionality of Faststats and the campaign planning proficiencies of Peoplestage. Now, rather than focusing on another product, we’ve turned our attention to a key performance feature of the collective software – what it can do for social media marketing.

Effective social media marketing must resonate with an audience, so drawing on data about your customers, their lifestyles and preferences is a must. You may already have this data within your business, but it’s not pulling its weight if it cannot be directly applied to your social media marketing campaigns.

Here’s how Apteco Marketing Suite (AMS) can integrate with your social media output in order to deliver true campaign edge.

It makes your social media campaigns part of a omnichannel journey

One of the biggest challenges today’s marketers face is creating an omnichannel experience for consumers; joining up the dots of their campaigns to give customers a smooth and seamless journey to conversion. All too often, many marketing channels – like email, direct mail, SMS and social media – operate separately from each other, fed by their own data silos with no transferral. The end result can be an impersonal, repetitive and disjointed experience for consumers.

With AMS, we can merge these separate data silos, and your CRM data, in one place, refresh it daily and build your marketing campaigns based on the latest full-picture customer data intelligence. This means that everything you know about your customers is put to use in each of your marketing channels, and can be used to optimise, automate, visualise and continually refine your campaigns across all mediums.

AMS enables us to do the same for your social media marketing, applying your accumulated data directly to campaigns in Facebook and Twitter. We can target your consumers on social media more effectively, informed by our very own customer analysis (e.g. segmentations and predictive modelling) and engagement data collected from previous campaigns across different channels.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to promote your retail business’s latest sale to your entire customer base via email, SMS and social media. Rather than sending a campaign to all of your customers on each channel, risking impersonal duplicate messaging, AMS allows us to communicate with your customers using their preferred channels.

Within one campaign flow:

  1. We can send a promotional email to your customers with valid email addresses opted in to receive email marketing.
  2. Next, we can send a promotional SMS to your customers with valid mobile numbers opted in to receive mobile marketing, but that have not been selected to receive the promotional email.
  3. Finally, three days later, we can publish a Facebook or Twitter campaign targeted to a custom audience containing your remaining customers not opted in for email nor mobile. Working from data that includes email addresses, mobile numbers, first names, last names and postcodes etc. ensures the biggest match rate and that as many customers from your database can be reached.

Working in this way, we can let your customers know about your sale in a way they are comfortable with and that draws on past data about their shopping habits. Plus, segmenting your customer base by how they prefer to be contacted is just one of the ways we can target them; we can also base segmentation on demographic, behavioural or attitudinal profiling. With the most effective segmentation methods in effect, we can optimise and refine your campaigns to get a better understanding of how groups of customers in your database react to and interact with your social media marketing.

It enables you to target new audiences based on your most loyal customers

With AMS informing your social media marketing, we can aim your campaigns at custom audiences picked from your entire customer database, supported by all the historical, transactional and preferential data from each of your marketing channels.

What’s more, we can target new ‘lookalike’ audiences on social media too, based on the attributes, preferences and behaviours of your most responsive customers for new potential acquisition, meaning that you can reach the new prospects on social media most likely to engage with your brand.

For example, we can use predictive modelling within AMS to identify your most profitable customers, based on their ‘lifetime value’, or the net profit we forecast them to spend with you over their relationship with you. Then we can target a new audience on Facebook, for example, containing new, yet potentially high value customers, chosen for their likeness to the customers we know are most lucrative for you.

It automates social listening and constantly refines your campaigns

Social listening – the process of observing conversations on social media to gauge sentiment and opinion – is an important aspect of social media marketing. Key insights can be drawn from the way people talk about your brand online, which may have the capacity to guide your marketing strategy.

AMS includes a specially-designed tool for social media listening – Response Gatherer. This nifty feature collects all interactions posted on your campaign ads, such as likes and comments, as well as data on the people who left them. All this information is fed into AMS so that it can be analysed and visualised alongside data from all of your other marketing channels, enriching your understanding of your customers even further.

As well as the visualisation functionality of AMS itself, we use other tools to make sense of your social listening data, such as the interactive dashboard and reporting platform, Dundas BI. By combining all the data pulled through by Response Gatherer on our servers, Dundas BI enables us to centralise your campaign reporting and reapply the fresh insight it reveals to your future campaigns.

Plus, there could be new social media integrations on the way

Quant already offers AMS social media integration for Facebook and Twitter, but we know this won’t meet the needs of every business.

As an Apteco partner, we hope to be able to offer AMS integration for other social media platforms in the near future, such as Russian social media network, VK.

What does this mean for you?

With Quant and AMS behind your social media marketing, your campaigns will benefit from the full impact of your most up-to-date customer data, gathered from your entire omnichannel marketing output as it happens.

We can ensure your social media campaigns work as intelligently and efficiently as possible, in tune with your customers’ evolving preferences and sentiments.

Using powerful analysis, visualisation and reporting functionality within AMS and other platforms, we can use the intelligence we uncover to continuously finetune your social media campaigns, giving you the ability to communicate with both existing customers and promising new prospects in a way that resonates with them, strengthens the journey towards conversion and supports your overall marketing strategy.

Find out more about how we can use Apteco Marketing Suite to supercharge your social media marketing by contacting us today.

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Supercharging Social Media with Apteco Marketing Suite