November 23, 2017

Bespoke Dashboards With Dundas BI

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With the glut of data available to businesses today, marketing teams spend more time gathering and scrutinising data than using it to inform their decisions.

There are numerous free tools that can help with the task of data analysis but these can be limited in their functionality. Many businesses find these tools aren’t as interactive or intuitive as they need them to be, that they cannot be implemented across an organisation and that creating reports is time-consuming, relies on manually refreshed data and at additional cost.

For example, Microsoft Excel is widely used for reporting in many businesses despite being less than suited to the task. With a limited level of interaction, slow and clunky performance when working with large data sets and the need to roll it out manually across a company, Excel is far from the ideal reporting tool.

So what is the ideal reporting tool? We think data analytics and dashboard software, Dundas BI comes pretty close. Next in our blog series about the CRM tools we use, we’re looking at this software’s impressive dashboard and reporting capabilities.

What does it do?

Dundas BI is a visualisation-rich data analysis system capable of producing beautiful, fully interactive dashboards and reports. With Dundas BI, we can quickly turn your data into meaningful, customisable dashboards that not only look great, but respond to display the metrics you need at the click of a button.

Data can be pulled from a huge range of sources, plotted to your exact specifications and filtered and drilled down in depth for immediate analysis. Responsive for clear presentation on web and mobile, dashboards can be enhanced with multi-user comments and queries for easy collaborative working.

How does it help?

With complete command over the visual appearance of your dashboards, Dundas BI acts as a one-stop-shop for performance tracking, reporting and gaining the key business insights that enable positive decision-making.

Here at Quant, we create stunning and powerful dashboards for our clients, eliminating the time and cost it takes to train their teams to deliver regular data analysis.

It creates insightful time and cost-saving reports

Thanks to this powerful BI and reporting tool, you can do away with lengthy manual reporting processes, saving you valuable time and resources. You can use it as a standalone reporting system, seamlessly grouping all relevant data, or integrate it with all major web technologies, including Sharepoint and basic HTML pages. By filtering data by department or site, employees from across your entire organisation can easily view the data which matters to them on one centralised platform, eliminating the need to distribute separate reports.

Each individual user also has a personal ‘My Project’ folder into which they can copy dashboards for quick analysis. With this capability, reports no longer have to be restrictive – users have full flexibility to re-visualise their very own copy of the data to their heart’s content. Re-visualising data is as simple as clicking and selecting, enabling you to change one visualisation to another instantly (such as a bar chart to a map or table), so you can quickly choose the most impactful data format for you.

It monitors KPI progress in real time

Our dashboards make it easy to track your business’s key performance indicators against your unique targets and objectives. By connecting your data streams and setting up states for data – indicators that signify data fluctuations – it’s possible to create custom rules that will alert you when key thresholds are hit. States include up and down arrows, changes in colour and Harvey Ball indicators (also known as Booz Ball or FAIZ ball), which express scores such as quality or safety ratings. With email notification alerts in place, you’ll be aware of every important spike or dip in your KPI data, allowing you to react swiftly and with confidence.

It provides data analysis tailored to your industry

The software is available with sector-specific features, designed to meet the unique data handling requirements of numerous different industries. With solutions such as a Wealth Management dashboard for the Banking and Finance industry and Patient Profile analysis for the Healthcare sector, Dundas BI can help your business get the very best from your data. See the full list of industries catered for.

All of this functionality means you can spend less time analysing your data and more time acting on it.


The data visualisation dashboards below demonstrate just a few of the visualisations you can utilise with the Dundas BI platform. Armed with Dundas BI, we can create bespoke dashboards displaying industry relevant KPIs and statistics in the most effective way.

IT Operations Dashboard:

Health Statistics Dashboard:

Key features and the solutions they offer

Dundas BI has many powerful features:

Stunning visualisations

The software boasts a dazzling array of visualisations, some of which are unique to the software. Choose from Sunburst charts, Relationship Diagrams, Pareto charts and Correlation Matrices, to name but a few, and turn your big data into impactful stories.

Responsive HTML5-based layouts

Access your dashboards on the go with mobile-friendly layouts. Dundas BI is powered by HTML5, making it fully operational and responsive to whatever mobile or web-based device you use, and works seamlessly with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Vector-scalable functionality means dashboards display with crystal clarity in even large-scale presentations and displays.

Interactive Slideshows

Dashboards can now become integral to delivering powerful business presentations. Somebody has a question? Let’s investigate that. With interactive slideshows, gone are the days of presenting static figures; you can click through to live dashboards and access the additional information you need at that exact moment in time.

Smooth integration with existing applications

You can integrate and embed Dundas BI within your website and other applications your business uses, such as Client Portals, CRMs and Intranets. Thanks to its open, flexible platform, full API support and extended scripting, your dashboards and reports will be fully interactive wherever they appear.

Direct connection to real-time data sources

We can pull data from virtually any source in real-time, including relational databases, web-based data, ODBC, file-based data and OLAP. At Quant, Dundas BI connects to our data warehouse through Microsoft SQL server meaning that your dashboards and reports are refreshed automatically with every data change, eliminating the need for manual data refreshing and meaning you always have the most current analytics. View the full list of supported data sources.

R language integration

We can use R programming language to carry out statistical computing and predictive analysis, and combined with Dundas BI, bring your data to life. K-means clustering can aid in identifying patterns and groups in your data. The cluster analysis can then be used to inform business and marketing decisions, such as customer segmentation and product recommendations.

What does this mean for you?

We can bring together all your trackable business metrics in one place, for optimum performance visibility and live in-depth data analysis.

Through the user-friendly cost and time-effective interface, you can view responsive custom dashboards without the need for separate platforms or departments. Track the patterns and trends in your data like never before, thanks to intuitive and cutting-edge visualisations.

Take advantage of our bespoke data analysis features created specifically for your business sector, and access the same high-quality visuals and interactivity from anywhere and on any device. Integrate dashboards and reports into existing customer and employee facing applications and systems, so that all users can perform the in-depth analysis they need to excel.

With Dundas BI behind your data analysis, you will have the freedom and actionable insight to take your business forward.

This is just the start of what this software platform can do for your business’s data analysis. If you think Quant and Dundas BI could help you harness the power of your data, get in touch with us today to find out more.

Posted by Sarah Cumber


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Bespoke Dashboards With Dundas BI