October 14, 2013

Big Data is not just for IT

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Contrary to common belief, Big Data does not belong to IT, states a tech expert in a recent article.

Tristan Sternson of Business Spectator Australia claims that while many businesses assume that Big Data is best left to the tech experts, but this could not be further from the truth. Instead, Sternson says that Big Data is ‘meaningful for the entire business’.

The technology journalist points out that Big Data alone is not a solution to anything.

“In order for your business to benefit from Big Data, you need to have a good idea of the sort of problems you’re trying to solve, and the kind of data you’re going to need to solve it,” he explains.

Sternson adds that it is not necessarily the IT department that has the level of knowledge required to put the data to use.

According to zdnet.com, as of right now, there are millions of terabytes of data available to companies, which could be used to guide business decisions.

Writing on businessspectator.com.au, Sternson points to marketing as a department which can ‘benefit immensely’ from Big Data, drawing on social media, customer purchase patterns and other consumer information to make data-led decisions.

“If you ask IT to ‘do Big Data’, your solutions will be ill-matched to the needs of one, some or all of the departments who could benefit from it, and you will be at a competitive disadvantage,” concludes Sternson.

Posted by Christian Stilwell


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Big Data is not just for IT