April 23, 2015

Changes in customer data insight understanding

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Untitled-3There is no doubt that over the past 2 or 3 years there has been a quantum leap in the capabilities of organisations to deal with the challenges of understanding and managing customers. A new generation of marketers who are educated and experienced in Data and CRM is making a difference.  But it is still only the end of the beginning. Most CRM and digital programmes are stuck in silos and the promise of the true customer focussed organisation remains some way off over the horizon. This is often down to the absence of a well thought through vision of what the future should look like and really committed buy in from senior management and the entire organisation –  this is moving much too slowly. Lack of a clear vision means the strategy is wobbly and incomplete and does not translate properly into an implementation plan that whole team can deliver. We have noticed a strengthening trend as more and more organisations awakening to the opportunities customer focus offers. This is only the first step and now we need leaders who can articulate a clear vision.

Author Nigel Gatehouse, CEO

Posted by Ihar Maraziuk


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Changes in customer data insight understanding