May 3, 2011

CRM means more than Social Media

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I have to admit I am a sceptic – some might say a cynic but in any case it looks to me like the current fanaticism around social media as a CRM tool is a shade of dotcom boom all over. Customer Relationship Management is just that – a series of business processes based around knowing the customer at a one to one level so that you can manage the customers behaviour. Successful CRM means knowing your customer individually and showing your customer you know them by actively anticipating and caring for their needs. Social networks don’t do, this they are meeting places for people and not places where people want to share their data with commercial enterprises. This is an encroachment too far for many.

Social networks are not CRM tools but are powerful mechanisms that enable markers to track customer attitudes and preferences for brands , products and services. This is much better than the old PR mentions analysis and the growing number of tools available enable really useful analysis of conversations in the social network space. But Social Networks so far are not places to overtly sell products to customers based on an in-depth understanding of them and their buying habits – for the most part that data doesn’t exist in this space.

Most companies haven’t yet got to grips with CRM let alone Social CRM. Most companies don’t fully understand or believe that if you take the trouble to get to know your customer better and then make sure you get things right for them then that will produce good business – that’s proper CRM. Social networks are a distraction for many who should still focus in the basics.

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CRM means more than Social Media