January 1, 2014

Double verification on email opt-ins should be a must for marketers

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Marketers should adopt double-verification systems for email opt-ins.

That’s according to deliverability expert Alyssa Nahatis, writing for marketingland.com. She reveals that too often, marketers collect incorrect information; making their lead generation more ineffective. This is mostly down to human error.

Nahatis says: “Create a double-verification entry system where the customer can enter their information via a terminal. Make sure to send the customer an opt-in confirmation and welcome email before sending marketing offers.”

Her advice comes at an ideal time, considering that a recent survey confirmed that email is still responsible for 40 times more acquired customers than other channels, tnooz.com reports; meaning marketers should put great though into their email messages before pushing the ‘send’ button.

What’s more, they should stick only to emailing those who have “explicitly” opted in and adopt a “less is more” attitude. Sending out too many emails will only put people off. Instead, send fewer but more valuable emails, with personalised offers and targeted information.

Recognising that other channels could work best for some recipients is crucial too. Some will respond better to social media interaction or mobile push notifications, Nahatis reveals. For those whom email is best, a responsive design will lead to the greatest engagement, she concludes

Posted by Ihar Maraziuk


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Double verification on email opt-ins should be a must for marketers