January 9, 2020

Far-flung fulfilment: The rise of wellness tourism

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Many of today’s tourists are looking to gain more than a tan from their time spent on holiday. A growing number are either incorporating elements of self-care or wellness therapy into their travel plans or taking trips that centre around becoming healthier in body and mind.

This type of travel is known as ‘wellness tourism’ and is seen by many researchers as a response to the hectic pace and constant connectivity of modern life. According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), wellness tourism is now a $639 billion industry worldwide, as consumers seek ways to boost their health and wellbeing both in their everyday lives and during their downtime. It’s not simply about relaxing and destressing on holiday, it’s about coming back feeling more centred mentally, emotionally and physically.

As wellness goes from strength to strength as a consumer trend, it’s fascinating to see how this is manifesting across different industries and sectors. Our latest infographic explains how and why wellness is becoming an integral part of the way we choose to spend our leisure time.

Posted by Pinar Dost


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Far-flung fulfilment: The rise of wellness tourism


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