August 31, 2017

Create Meaningful Insights With Discoverer

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Every day, big data is transforming business. Marketers are having to leverage more and more data to inform their performance reviews and campaign planning.

But, while the importance of such data is clear, it can be difficult for marketers to extract the meaning they need from it. Marketers who face a lack of time, budget and/or coding experience when trying to analyse big data can end up leaving this vital source of business intelligence untapped.

Fortunately, there is a data exploratory analysis tool which allows those without any knowledge of coding to perform their own analysis quickly and easily. As we continue to look at the CRM tools we use to unlock the power of big data, we turn our attention to FastStats Discoverer.

What does it do?

FastStats Discoverer enables you to visually represent your data. Drag-and-drop is the software’s key functionality; any number of data variables can be uploaded simply by grabbing and dropping them into the user interface, where they can be compared and interpreted through data grids and visualisation tools.

FastStats Discoverer

The additional programme modules include Modelling, Reporting and Geo software. Discoverer Modelling allows for customer profiling and data modelling, identifying trends and traits among groups of customers and scoring them against bespoke ‘models’ to find your most high-value prospects.

Through integration with Microsoft Excel, Discoverer can generate customised marketing reports via the FastStats Excelsior dashboard. Data visualisations can be created in Discoverer and exported into Excel for easy manipulation and presentation. Your reports can be automatically refreshed with live data from Discoverer or combined with other external data sources, such as your business’s sales, budget or operational information.

The Geo module adds an interesting location-based element to your data analysis, by enabling us to see the geographic spread of your customers as well as new potential areas to focus on. Drawing on mapping information from Microsoft Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap, Discoverer’s geographic visualisation functionality can be merged with other datasets to tailor highly-targeted marketing campaigns.

FastStats Discoverer Geo Tool

FastStats Geo allows you to layer data shaded maps with pushpins for your highest or lowest spenders, or select custom drive time, radius and freeform zones to be utilised for campaign purposes.

How does it help?

With Discoverer, our clients can use these data analysis and visualisation features in-house without having to learn coding languages. Your marketers can perform their own analysis using the drag and drop interface without having to ask for ad-hoc reports from data analysts.

What’s more, when you opt for a Quant CRM solution that includes a Data Warehouse, Discoverer can be automatically updated with your most up-to-date data, meaning that data analysis will always be as relevant and timely as possible.

Armed with the marketing insights Discoverer can help you reveal, you will be able to better understand your business’s clients and customers and their buying habits, as well as segment key customer and marketplace prospects, making for more efficient and cost-effective marketing campaigns.

Using the helpful Wizard feature to find out more about your customers’ transaction and basket activity, you can develop your marketing communications based on their most likely behaviour, and identify opportunities for cross and upselling of products and services.

By scheduling automated tasks and queries, creating and saving templates and exporting data in multiple formats for reporting, you can streamline your data analysis for instant and up-to-the-minute marketing intuition.

It enables in-depth analysis

Discoverer includes a wide range of marketing analysis tools that make it simple to derive actionable insight from your data. Choose from data grids, selections, cubes, trees, charts, Venn diagrams, word clouds and more, so you can visualise the results exactly as you like. Any segment of any visualisation can be highlighted, dragged and dropped into another analysis tool for more in-depth examination. However you decide to view your data, you can include your visualisations in exportable workbooks and reports for easy distribution across your organisation.

It creates highly targeted campaigns via FastStats PeopleStage

In addition to the extra plug-in modules we mentioned above, Discoverer also integrates with FastStats PeopleStage, an omnichannel marketing automation tool. At Quant, we use these CRM programmes in conjunction to select and target groups of our clients’ customers for dynamic and highly-personalised multichannel marketing.

In Discoverer, audiences can be selected based on descriptive, attitudinal, behavioural and interaction data. PeopleStage will then target your communications using these customer selections, allowing us to finely tune your marketing campaigns. Tasks on Discoverer and PeopleStage can be automated for efficient communications across email, SMS, social, direct mail and even iBeacon push notifications.

PeopleStage’s built-in Response Gatherer then condenses all the crucial information about your campaigns in one centralised system, including: opens, clicks and bounces from emails; and likes, shares and comments across social media. This data can be looped back into a Data Warehouse, where we can carry out vital campaign performance analysis, such as uplift potential.

It enables easy sharing via FastStats Orbit

Orbit is the new browser based sharing application from FastStats, which allows you to share data storyboards, visualisations and reports created in Discoverer with non-FastStats users. It works on multiple devices and displays your data insights in easy-to-navigate, annotated ‘Collections’ for effortless transferal of marketing information with no loss of impact.

With Orbit, there’s no need to worry about how you will share the data-driven findings Discoverer can help you reveal.

What does this mean for you?

FastStats Discoverer can give your business the ability to carry out your own detailed marketing analysis, report on your findings and hone your marketing campaigns with confidence.

You’ll gain a more accurate picture of how your customers and clients interact and respond to your marketing activities, so you can create tailored approaches that encourage engagement and interaction with each of your target markets.

Through its easy-to-use interface, your teams can quickly and simply generate a variety of data visualisations that instantly reveal patterns and trends in the combination of your datasets. This frees them up to spend more time applying your data insights to future campaigns, for improved marketing proficiency and productivity.

With Quant and Discoverer in your corner, you will be able to glean greater meaning from your business data and use it to shape your marketing campaigns. To learn more about Discoverer and how it could benefit your business, contact us today.

Posted by Christian Stilwell


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Create Meaningful Insights With Discoverer