April 24, 2020

Ikano Insight is here for you

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Like you, we have adapted the way we live and work in recent
weeks. We want you to know that Ikano Insight is still operational and ready to
support your organisation with insights for consumer relations and business

Our team is working remotely to maintain our usual service
levels and can be contacted via email or on 020
7836 5656
. If you need help, we’re here for you.

How we can help

Firstly, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.
Never before have so many of us been affected by the same set of circumstances,
and we hope you have all you need to see it through. The coronavirus (COVID-19)
pandemic has impacted both personal and professional life in ways no one could
have predicted, but we are here to support your organisation with the latter in
any way we can.

This is a challenging time for all businesses, large and
small. We can’t know how long the situation will last, but we can help you
determine how it is affecting your customers. Understanding this can allow you
to adapt your products and services to better support them now, and in the future.
There are new ways to connect and communicate, and we can help you identify how
your organisation could use them to offer an agile and perceptive customer

“As we have adapted
our ways of working, we have also started developing our understanding of the
rapidly changing and complex challenges faced by our customers and their
customers,” says our CEO, Karen

“This means together we’ll be in a strong position to
collaborate and use the power of data and technology as a force for good. By
using insights, data analytics and intelligence we will help you to learn more,
adapt quickly and make faster decisions to understand and serve your customers
better, furthermore create new opportunities for you.”

A new consumer landscape

Virtually overnight, people all over the world have had to
transform the way they live and connect with each other. They still need many
of the products and services they’ve always relied on, but the way they can
access them has had to change. If your organisation provides one of these
products or services, we can help you learn what your customers need and want,
and how you may be able to modify your operations to offer it.

Or perhaps yours is an organisation that has had to pause
what you do until the situation has passed? Once the world returns to a new
normal, markets are set to be even more competitive, and you will need to
understand if and how your customers’ needs or expectations have changed as a
result of these unique circumstances. Doing this groundwork now will help you
get a head start on your competitors later.

We’re here to dig into the data and reveal how these strange
times have impacted what your customers want from you. We can enable your
organisation to adapt to your customers’ new needs or prepare a solid return to

If we can help your business, please let us know
and above all, stay safe.

Posted by Sarah Cumber


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Ikano Insight is here for you