Ikano Insight supports IKEA Philippines to deliver successful IKEA Family launch

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August 20, 2021

Last Updated: September 21, 2022

Experienced in executing numerous IKEA Family programmes around the world and understanding that no market is quite the same, the initial research and analysis from Ikano Insight ensured that the IKEA Philippines Family loyalty programme launch was a success.

The demand was overwhelming with over 159,000 people signing up for the loyalty programme within the first week of the launch.

Amongst many other factors, instrumental to the launch and ongoing member take up, was the ability for IKEA to closely monitor registrations, especially during the extended launch activity, using the loyalty data dashboards developed by Ikano Insight.

Client & project

IKEA Philippines: IKEA Family loyalty programme launch registrations

The challenge

Launching IKEA Family into this new market required extensive research to ensure that IKEA were able to tailor their communications to the region to maximise the launch success.

The ability to track and measure IKEA Family registrations on an ongoing basis and understand their members is crucial to the future success of their campaigns.

Ikano Insight’s solution

The data insight team compiled and conducted a pre-launch survey designed to understand IKEA brand awareness, engagement with loyalty schemes and media consumption habits. The ideal IKEA Philippines target audience profiles were defined from the results analysis so that the IKEA marketing team could create engaging and relevant launch communications.

Ikano Insight developed an interactive dashboard with a simple plug-and-play interface that allows the team to track IKEA Family registrations over time.

It enables IKEA to identify the areas of growth by region, and to segment customers by demographics to better serve IKEA Family customers in the future.

Tracking this data gives visibility of valuable knowledge, for example, knowing the registration rates are dipping means that the marketing team can act by either ramping up acquisition efforts or pivoting their marketing strategies.

The interactive dashboard allows the user to filter for information needed with an integrated mapping tool which can be used for highly targeted media ad planning.  For example, by knowing the areas with the highest volume of customers a bespoke campaign can be created to target those areas based on the greatest likelihood of return on investment.

The results

The IKEA Philippines team set an ambitious but exciting milestone of welcoming 100,000 new members to IKEA Family in the first 24 hours ahead of the store opening in Manila.

The launch response was hugely successful and 200,000 people signed up for the loyalty programme within the first few weeks.

A fantastic result from this successful IKEA Family launch supported by Ikano Insight.

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Ikano Insight supports IKEA Philippines to deliver successful IKEA Family launch