April 11, 2014

Introduction to FastStats

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Apteco_FS_strap_2013Quant have been an official Apteco partner since 2013 and we thought that it’s about time we introduced the FastStats tools and how they can help you Seize the Data.

Apteco is an industry leading software supplier and developer who create marketing data analysis and campaign automation tools. FastStats forms part of their suite of marketing analysis products that provide businesses easy access to something we know is extremely important – their own customer data.

FastStats Discoverer is the flagship product providing the main customer interface for train of thought analysis and visualisation of data. It can handle massive databases from the huge variety of sources that today’s world produces.

FastStatsDemoIt can be used to give a quick overview of data, by doing counts and diagrams. There are some simple modelling techniques built in e.g. clustering and variable profiling that are really simple to get to grips with through the intuitive drag and drop interface and wizards.

With FastStats Discoverer you can:

  •      Create data selections and cross tabulations
  •      Produce graphs and Venn diagrams
  •      Perform basket and transaction analysis
  •      Use expressions and wizards to derive new variables
  •      Produce scheduled and ad-hoc PDF reports
  •      Transfer results into Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  •      Export data in many formats and directly to digital marketing providers
  •      Schedule standard tasks to run automatically

Ian Hicks, Director of Insight and Analysis at Quant, said: “There are many data analysis tools on the market. Quant chose to partner with Apteco because the FastStats toolset is much more than data visualisation. It is a data analysis tool that has been designed and built with a strong marketing focus, making it perfect for marketers who need to access, manipulate and export their own data. FastStats has exceptional power for processing vast quantities of data and can integrate with a variety of other solutions for complete campaign fulfilment.”

If you feel FastStats may be able to help understand your business data, then please get in touch with Rebeca on 0207420 1405 or rebecaa@quantmarketing.com.

Posted by Ihar Maraziuk


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Introduction to FastStats