November 29, 2010

Keeping up with your customers

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The potential for one-to-one customer relationships continues to outstrip the capability of marketers to plan, execute and evaluate relevant marketing activity that really delivers this. And the gap between consumers’ expectations is widening as they increasingly expect companies to demonstrate a seamless and continuous understanding of what they buy and the conversations and contacts they have with the company, wherever and whenever these take place. Smart web software that customise content based on consumer navigation is going some way towards delivering a personal experience, but marketing communications are mostly still organised by channel, and marketing teams and their agencies manage these by push to customers rather than pull. For sure many will tell you that they take an integrated approach but in reality, and from the consumers viewpoint, it does not feel like companies are really using what they know about them to deliver a refreshingly personal experience. A large part of the challenge is joining up the online and offline marketing processes not just in marketing communication terms but more importantly with the experience people enjoy when consuming the product or service.

A clear vision of how this could work combined with a well thought through data strategy is absolutely key to progress. Working out what needs to be collected and how this is then organised so that the customer is delighted is the challenge. Understanding how to personalise each of the customers’ touch points with the brand, is still the holy grail but we are beginning to see glimpses of how this can work.

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Keeping up with your customers