How Marketing Automation can Enhance CRM & Engagement

With digital marketing playing a bigger role than ever before in our customers’ online behaviour, we wanted to take a look at a few of the ways marketing automation can be used by brands to enhance CRM and engagement.

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December 16, 2020

Last Updated: December 15, 2021

Using an effective CRM & engagement strategy

Effective CRM strategies focus on using powerful data insight to improve customer engagement and loyalty, by providing the full picture and niche details behind customer demographics, lifestyles, online habits and purchasing behaviour.

Only by having this type of strategy in place, can your brands start to build upon their other channels with intelligent insights that can inform highly targeted and personalised marketing/communications, based on creating the optimum user journey with touchpoints across all media channels.

Which is where marketing automation comes in, as a tool which marries up perfectly with CRM and engagement strategies in a few core ways.

The power of marketing automation

When it comes to effectively engaging with customers online, marketing automation is a tool which can be as effective as it is efficient. Dramatically improving campaign performance and more importantly, driving omni-channel engagement across user journeys and touchpoints.

Making it the perfect tool to integrate with CRM and engagement strategies to deliver incredibly bespoke and personalised campaigns which provide the very best customer experience with your brand.

There are a number of issues this approach to marketing automation in CRM and engagement helps to solve, which all seem to fall under one core challenge;

The challenge: I want to nurture my brand’s customer relationships

Many brands face the challenge that they have a deep understanding of the multiple channel customers use to connect with them, yet they struggle to target them strategically, because they’re drowning in a sea of data which is impossible to use efficiently.

This means marketing and communications tend to focus on a small number of KPIs and include very broad targeting as anything else would be far too time and resource consuming in terms of manually identifying data insights and using them to set up marketing campaigns.

Leading to less customer engagement, loyalty and retention across all brand touchpoints and marketing channels. Having said that, there are a few key areas of marketing automation tools which can help to solve this challenge.

Automated Execution and Activity

Dramatically reducing the time it takes to identify insights and action them, this feature of marketing automation takes out the time-consuming manual labour that goes into marketing tasks, as well as the need for additional resources to upscale campaigns.

Which when implemented with an effective CRM and engagement strategy, can be used to quickly and easily setup highly personalised campaign activity across multiple channels which make retention and remarketing one of the easiest, not most difficult, forms of marketing.

Campaign Customisation

Take on a human-centered approach to marketing campaigns by optimising channel interactions based through customer-led, not product-led, communications. Reaching people in the right place, at the right time, with messaging that’s far more likely to spark an interest and generate an engagement.

Inspire more brand affinity, engagement and loyalty by transforming the way you approach your marketing and campaigns with insightful and actionable customer data.

Context-Relevant Communications

Increased agility empowers you to automate campaigns based on reacting to fast-paced and ever-changing market conditions.

Now more than ever, having the agility to react to the fast-paced and ever-changing market conditions can be the difference between incredible marketing campaigns and unengaging brand communications.

Having context-relevant communications brings your brand down to earth and allows you to connect with your customers by having shared values and a shared view of what’s going on in the world. By integrating marketing automation into CRM and engagement strategies, context-relevant communications are key in creating campaigns which connect with customers on a personal level.

Real-Time Event Triggers

Responding strategically to customer’s purchase behaviour, using real-time event triggers in marketing automation can help brands implement highly detailed and complex communication strategies with very little time and effort.

This type of automation can empower brands to have a consistent conversation with their customers which automatically responds to their individual needs and actions, immediately creating a very personalised and in-the-moment form of communications.

Integrating marketing automation with CRM and engagement strategies

We have worked closely with a global retailer in a number of different markets to design and implement their CRM & loyalty campaigns. An automation tool was essential for the implementation of complex customer journeys. Using our Marketing Automation tool has enabled us to build regular triggered campaigns with relative ease. Campaigns are now personalised which means we can target specific audiences at the right time and implement omni-channel customer journeys which, ultimately, improve the customers’ experience so they feel understood and connected to the brand.

Campaign automation helps us focus on delivering a data-driven strategy, taking insights and turning them into tailored campaigns as well as enables us to test and evaluate the performance of campaigns quickly. Moreover, we have seen a very significant financial benefit for our clients as a result of combining our core planning and analytical expertise with the marketing automation tool.

Discover how data-driven marketing automation can better engage with your customers

With the vast number of ways marketing automation can be integrated with CRM and engagement strategies, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and a bespoke solution needs to be tailored to brands/customers’ individual needs.

These tools, tactics and strategies are more often than not integrated with our other areas of expertise including Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Power your marketing with the ability to automate highly personalised marketing campaigns that contribute to a multi-channel, human-centred approach to CRM and engagement. Get in touch or request a callback from a member of the team to discover a tailored solution that’s right for you.

Or take a look at some of our CRM and engagement projects and work, including a case study where one of our clients was able to achieve a £43m increase in annual revenue driven from their targeted marketing communications.

“Ikano Insight worked with us on our family loyalty CRM campaigns. Their valuable input included targeted strategic planning, data and campaign analysis as well as predictive modelling with continuously improved results.”

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How Marketing Automation can Enhance CRM & Engagement