New leadership at Ikano Insight from 1st August

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August 4, 2021

Last Updated: April 27, 2022

Teresa Booth has taken over as acting CEO of Ikano Insight from Karen Pflug who moved at the end of July to take on a new opportunity as Chief Sustainability Officer for Ingka (IKEA) Group.

Karen comments: “I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank-you to everyone at Ikano Insight. I’ve been fortunate to work with a fantastic group of people with strong values and a wonderful culture – I will miss them all.

Teresa has been a big support for me as well as a crucial member of the senior management team, so I am delighted that she will take the next steps to lead the business going forward.

With Teresa’s experience and deep industry knowledge, I know that I leave the business in great hands. I look forward to seeing Ikano Insight go from strength to strength and wish the whole team all the best for the future.”

Teresa said: “I am super excited to be taking over as acting CEO of Ikano Insight, building on the great work that Karen has started. 

Teresa continues: “My 15 years’ experience of leading clients to be more data driven has strengthened my belief that effective use of data to drive business decisions has never been more important. There is more data available than ever before in all areas of business.

The ability to consolidate complex data sets and simplify the outcomes to deliver clear insight to support business decisions is our key strength at Ikano Insight.”

Prior to this appointment, Teresa held the position of Director of Client Services and Expansion, enabling her to make a smooth transition into the new role. Not only is Teresa already immersed in the data insight industry, but she has also been with the Ikano Group for over 15 years so fully embraces the strong Ikano culture and values.

Her experience spans financial services, loyalty, CRM and data-driven marketing with many varied clients on a global basis including IKEA Family projects across many countries. IKEA Family is one of the world’s most successful retail loyalty programmes.

Continuous improvement and innovation
We have always been known for our CRM & loyalty expertise along with deep retail experience based on our long-standing client relationship with IKEA. However, our desire to constantly improve and innovate means we are always looking at how we can add more value to clients through data insight innovation.

Our wide range of services now include expertise areas such as Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. In practice, this means that our data science team and client services team work hand in hand to apply any mix of CRM strategies, business intelligence dashboarding, analytics predictive modelling, innovative new data products and much more to address specific challenges that our clients may have.

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"Our desire to constantly improve and innovate means we are always looking at how we can add more value to clients"

Often, it’s about identifying challenges that clients didn’t even know they had when we first sit down to discuss their needs. We always begin with gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges and objectives. This enables us to apply the right solutions and tools to transform their businesses and help them achieve better results.

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Drive a culture of sustainability with data insight
We are committed as a company to create a #betterfuturetogether as part of Ikano Group. Sustainability is also fully embedded in our data insight offering. This means that we play to our strengths and use data insight to help other Ikano companies with their sustainability goals as well as offering this expertise to all clients.

We help clients enhance their focus on sustainability and create tailored data dashboards that are easy to set up and use, enabling company-wide tracking of sustainability goals. With the rise in the need to provide more robust sustainability measurements and meet ESG* standards, our dashboards are a great solution to help companies contribute to creating a more sustainable future.

Find out more about our Sustainability Dashboards here.

Looking to the future

Karen reflects: “When I started at Ikano Insight, I said that I believe data isn’t just redefining the future, it is the future. This is even more important now – data touches every part of our daily lives and is a real force for good when used wisely.

I feel proud to have been part of Ikano Insight’s move to create Sustainability Dashboards; enabling clients to better understand their impact on people, society and our planet. It’s great that they can also use their values and in depth knowledge to simplify the complex, always focusing on the human stories behind the data.

"I’m excited to see how Ikano Insight will evolve their sustainability services to continue to support clients to create a better future together.”

*Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria

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New leadership at Ikano Insight from 1st August