May 12, 2017

Delivering Real-Time Omnichannel Success Using PeopleStage

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With so many different marketing channels available it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage campaigns across all mediums, offer a personalised approach to individual customers and to draw out all the data and turn it into something actionable.

We’re starting a new blog series to tell you more about the CRM tools we use to advance your customer relationship management capabilities. Today we are focussing upon FastStats PeopleStage.

What does it do?

FastStats PeopleStage is an omnichannel marketing automation tool that allows us to orchestrate complex, multi-stage campaigns with increasingly more targeted and personalised content. It provides a centralised platform to design campaigns across a wide variety of channels including: Direct Mail, Email, SMS, Mobile, and Facebook and Twitter.

How does it help?

PeopleStage allows you to set-up automated messages and sequences of messages, giving you greater efficiencies and freeing up more time to devote to creative design and development. The ease of use allows for more testing of the different campaigns, channels, creatives and to see instant and comparable results which enables us to support the optimisation of campaigns. Campaign responses are automatically gathered from each channel on a near real-time basis. This allows for centralised reporting and campaign measurement against engagement and sales targets with sales attributed automatically. Most importantly, you can avoid over-communicating with customers as it allows the setting of contact frequency rules at both a campaign and programme level. Over time, a rich contact history is created for each individual contact, allowing precise targeting for follow-up campaigns and the ability to segment based on content preferences.

It optimises ROI

FastStats PeopleStage allows us to make accurate predictions with regard to marketing budgets, tracking the financial performance of each campaign. By setting up controls, and through a trial and learn approach, you are able to invest more into the best performing channels/campaigns. Importantly, it is the central point from which we gather the performance data across all your campaigns and compare ROI, providing the business intelligence which we know is so vital.

It integrates CRM and Social

The speed and competitiveness of online means you need to engage and interact with your customers at every opportunity, but this is a large-scale and time-consuming job, especially if you’re also managing a number of off-line direct channels. FastStats PeopleStage allows you to deliver seamlessly across your direct and social channels. It integrates with Facebook and Twitter allowing for the creation of automated and highly targeted communications across known and unknown contacts.

Through PeopleStage we can: issue tweets through your brand Twitter handles and post to your Facebook brand pages; publishing adverts to your matched CRM audiences and their lookalikes to improve campaign reach. The platform also acts as a monitoring tool to return every social interactions to close the loop on campaign engagement.

The built-in Social Response Gatherer can pull in page insights and analyse interactions such as who is liking your page or posts, their comments, shares and click throughs.

It complements Geolocation Marketing

Furthermore, PeopleStage can enhance the in-store customer journey. Interactions between iBeacon transmitters, Wi-Fi and smartphones can trigger location-based push notifications. This technology will recognise customers when they enter a store or walk by a display, and send them an offer in near real time.

In the image below, we’ve used a fictitious product launch to demonstrate how you can utilise PeopleStage for your omnichannel campaigns.PeopleStage Multichannel Campaign

1. Campaigns set up on PeopleStage to promote new range and invite customers to product launch event:
Twitter and Facebook posts on brand page;
Facebook ads reach “Look-alike” audiences;
Email sent to Loyalty customer base;
Direct Mail to most valuable customers and those purchasing from similar product ranges.
Interest and Consideration:
2. Customers browse new product range online.
3. PeopleStage triggered to send a limited time offer email to those who browsed.
4. Customers register and download event app.
5. iBeacon at launch sends push notification to smartphones when in range with welcome message and event information.
6. PeopleStage set up to send a limited time offer through SMS/Email/Direct mail to attendees, as an event follow-up.
7. Limited time offer incentivises order, resulting in online/instore purchases.
8. Purchase triggers PeopleStage to send a digital receipt email, along with a thank you message.
9. PeopleStage set up to send an email displaying complementary products and an invitation to review/share the new products on social media then follows.

Integrating with Google AdWords

And there’s more to come: FastStats are currently working on integrating with Google Customer Match, due for release in August 2017. This will allow us to upload customer email lists into AdWords for ad targeting and bidding across YouTube, Gmail and Google Search. FastStats also have their sights set on LinkedIn being the next social integration to be developed.

What does this mean for you?

FastStats PeopleStage summarises everything important that you need to know about your campaigns in one place such as: ROI, cost per response, uplift potentials, open rates, clicks, bounces, likes, shares and comments across social media.

Your customers will benefit from highly personalised contact strategies targeted specifically to them. Response data then prompts the next interaction so you can more easily follow-up only those who have engaged with your initial approach increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Live data also allows us to continually monitor your campaign and immediately interact with new prospects who engage. Omnichannel campaign delivery ensures a consistent message is managed and that customers receive a connected campaign experience when they do interact.

If you think that we could help you with your multi-channel marketing campaigns and you like the sound of how FastStats PeopleStage could benefit you, then get in touch with us today to find out more.

Posted by Sarah Cumber


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Delivering Real-Time Omnichannel Success Using PeopleStage