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How can CSRD be good for business, people & planet?

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How prepared are you for the new CSRD EU sustainability legislation?

Both Peter Jones and Kajsa Holst have first hand experience in preparing for CSRD, or helping companies to do so, and have shared their knowledge and lessons in this 45 minute webinar.

You’ll hear them discussing:

  • What CSRD is and why is it good for businesses
  • What are the practicalities and fundamentals of becoming CSRD compliant
  • What challenges businesses can expect to face if they haven’t started preparing for CSRD yet, and how to overcome them
  • How Ikano Group are tackling the CSRD and how it has changed the business 
  • How businesses can continue to act whilst still fulfilling legislation
  • Top tips to ensure CSRD success!

Any business who has started on their sustainability journey, or is just about to, will benefit from watching!

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