October 13, 2015

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

1 minute read

There has been a burst of narratives recently around customer loyalty programmes and whether they work.  This is actually of course perennial and is a useful filler for marketing trade press editors.  But what is depressing is the lack of any new observation or thinking about not only why programmes work but how they can be made to work better. For those of us who have for years been supporting clients with successful and well-established programmes, the concepts remain simple and when done well provide powerful levers that drive sales and profit. The key is to understand that in the end all programmes have to not only reflect the brand proposition for the business but in fact strengthen the brands overall competitive position in the marketplace.

In our experience, getting this right and in a way that is integrated with all other aspects of the brand proposition will lead to long term and profitable customer relationships.

Author Nigel Gatehouse, CEO

Posted by Christian Stilwell


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Rewarding Customer Loyalty