Ikano Insight and Trapper Media move into joint partnership to offer analytics-based ESG solutions

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November 8, 2022

Last Updated: November 8, 2022

Trapper announces strategic partnership with Ikano Insight to provide consultancy and advanced analytics services for ESG-centric transformation practices. Both companies will jointly provide their areas of expertise such as machine learning and IoT practices for tracking and optimisation, big data analytics and visualisation, sustainability framework and measurement consultation, as well as internalisation and go-to-market strategies. This is to enable and empower businesses to evolve their sustainability practices to meet their internal ESG targets in a transparent, accountable, and accurate manner using data.

Sustainability and ESG practices are currently a hot topic amongst businesses and investors. While sustainability maturity differs from company to company, and country to country, there have been independent audits which prove that companies performing on ESG practices have higher financial growth and optimisation, lower volatility, higher employee productivity, reduced regulatory and legal interventions (fines and sanctions), top-line growth, and ultimately cost reductions.

In Malaysia, the government has announced its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, as detailed in the 12th Malaysia Plan (2021-2025). The recent 2023 budget is also evidential of the country’s keen efforts to drive a concerted approach in developing a high level of green commitment and investment.

However, as more businesses recognise the importance and significance of this milestone, many do not know how and where to begin.

ESG is indeed the flavour of the month. Bank Negara announced 3 years ago, approximately 11.7% of the assets held by financial players in Malaysia are in sectors potentially exposed to climate change. Many companies are marketing themselves as ESG practitioners because of oncoming financial pressures. However, in their haste to go to market with ESG messaging, brands do not realise that they are greenwashing and we’ve seen public backlash from well-intentioned campaigns,” said Sue-Anne Lim, CEO of Trapper Group.

As part of the business community, Trapper sees the opportunity to both grow and contribute to this space, by way of their consulting and marketing division to help companies embark on a true transformation. “We want companies to walk the talk instead of blowing green horns. Ikano Insight specialises in advanced retail and sustainability analytics, supporting businesses such as IKEA for over 10 years. Ikano Insight is the perfect partner because data-first sustainability practices are in the DNA of the Ikano Group. Their expertise in operational transformation using data insights is second to none. Together, we are able to onboard clients to a clearly defined sustainability plan that is measured and transparent, ensure corresponding cultural transformation to drive internal accountability and, last but not least empowering them to go to market responsibly to achieve the intended growth” she said.

ST Chua, Ikano Insight’s Regional Director of Southeast Asia said “There are two parts to a successful ESG plan, one is having the right goals and measurement, and the other is a strong change management plan. Ikano Insight harnesses data, technology and advanced analytics to define, measure, visualise and deliver actionable insights for businesses to know how every part of the business is doing against its target. We see Trapper as a complementary partner to offer a holistic change management plan for clients.”

Ikano Insight is a data driven customer insight, advanced analytics, and sustainability agency, from the founder of IKEA. Its mission is to deliver business transformation by transforming complex data into high-value, actionable insights against clients’ objectives.

Trapper is an integrated marketing communications company that provide growth solutions to businesses and brands. Its areas of expertise include but not limited to marketing consultancy, digital and social media marketing, and integrated media services.

Posted by Ella Whitaker


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Ikano Insight and Trapper Media move into joint partnership to offer analytics-based ESG solutions