July 29, 2015

UK Advertising Spend at a Record High

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Today’s announcement (28/7) that Advertising spend in the first Quarter was at a record high of 8.2% (Advertising Association) is important from two perspectives. Firstly it demonstrates that the link between marketing spend and the health of the wider economy is correlated as ever it was. A reassuring touchstone in this age of rapid and accelerating change in our chosen profession. This is great news for all of us working in Marketing although I suspect most of us have already been enjoying the broader and more sunny upland of more business opportunity for the last 12 months or so. As ever Marketing is the first industry to be hobbled by a recession but also the first to respond to the green shoots of recovery.

But secondly and perhaps more interesting is where the growth in advertising money has gone. According to the Advertising Association it has been fuelled by “particularly strong” traditional display spend, including outdoor, radio and TV. It could be that this marks a point of inflexion with the long expected rebalancing of media spend to focus again on delivery of a simple single message to an audience segment. Strong CRM and Loyalty programmes have always worked even better when supported by strong brand messages across the media mix. We are already seeing the impact in our clients marketing performance – hurrah!

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Author Nigel Gatehouse, CEO

Posted by Christian Stilwell


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UK Advertising Spend at a Record High