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Use the power of data insight for effective CRM & loyalty engagement

An effective CRM strategy will increase engagement and customer loyalty. By using powerful data insight, you can unlock the truth behind spending habits, demographics, lifestyle and behaviour, and optimise your customer experience.

By deploying highly targeted, data-driven, personalised communications, we can create the optimum customer journey across all your media channels and touchpoints.

Maximise your engagement levels with loyalty campaigns created specifically for your customers, to drive sales frequency and deliver a greater ROI on marketing spend.

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The fundamentals of a successful CRM strategy

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Improve customer experiences with relevant and compelling communications

Data insight enables you to identify critical customer journey touchpoints so you can use targeted personalisation and other CRM techniques to improve your entire customer experience.

By using reward schemes and relevant offers that appeal to your customers they will feel connected to your brand. Data insight and segmentation enables you to target your customer engagement and loyalty activity, rather than rewarding your entire database.

Carefully consider the content, the creative and the reward type to maximise your ROI on spend.

Key benefits:

Identify and understand critical customer journey touchpoints
Deliver targeted and relevant communications
Adopt a personalised approach to content, creative and loyalty
Make better marketing decisions
Deliver offers tailored to spending habits
Increase your marketing ROI

Timely and relevant cross-sells can increase customer loyalty

Increase brand affinity and engagement by using customer loyalty techniques such as loyalty e-cards.

This allows you to introduce product cross-sell techniques to deliver defined brand propositions to your customers, based on data insight from their previous habits and behaviour.

Key benefits:

Relevant cross-sells strengthen existing customer loyalty
Customers feel understood and connected to your brand
Enables up-sell of related products to increase sales
Test adoption of new product ranges
A rich source of data for deeper customer insight

Optimise integrated communications for an omni-channel brand presence

Give your customers a seamless brand experience as they switch between digital to physical, mobile to desktop and across their favoured platforms. These smooth and consistent brand interactions will make your customers feel understood, deepen the brand connection and increase loyalty.

Use data insight such as demographics and purchasing habits to create targeted CRM campaigns for optimum customer engagement. With knowledge of your customers critical touchpoints you can integrate marketing communication delivery to reach customers in preferred channels and maximise brand presence.

Key benefits:

Deliver a seamless cross-channel brand experience
Use data insight to create channel targeted CRM campaigns
Customers will feel understood with a deeper brand connection
Test and refine offers, messages and creative
Personalisation will increase engagement and loyalty

Our featured CRM and loyalty products

Below is just a selection of some of the key products we offer to optimise your CRM strategy and performance

Customer Data Platform

Centralise customer relationship data with a fully automated platform creating a single customer view of all interactions

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Marketing Automation

Simplify marketing campaign execution by automating complex omni-channel engagement activity

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Increase customer loyalty with a low cost, mobile-first digital eCard

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Recommendation Engine

Drive engagement with cross-sells and up-sells via personalised and highly relevant product recommendations

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Transform your strategy with a complete CRM solution or cherry pick to suit your business and budget

Our team of data insight experts can work with you to identify what’s right for your business right now.

Choose us as your data insight partner for a highly targeted one-off CRM campaign or a transformational data-led CRM strategic solution.

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Our CRM & loyalty services:

CRM & loyalty design & strategy
Database design & build
Customer data platforms (CDP)
Marketing automation & campaign strategy
Loyalty platforms
E-card solution

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