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The power of data insight in the world of retail and loyalty

We help retail brands harness data insight to bring their customers closer and encourage loyalty with every brand touchpoint.

From design and implementation of loyalty schemes, to optimisation of personalised communications programmes, our retail solutions and products will help leverage your data to achieve better sales and marketing results.

Our retail experience

In a variety of key global markets, we deploy and run one of the world's most successful retail loyalty programmes - IKEA Family. We analyse data and improve programmes all over the world for IKEA franchisees.

As experts in retail-focused analytics and business intelligence tools, we can assist retailers of all different types to do the same.
In order to thrive in the new retail landscape, brands must rediscover the best ways to connect with their customers and communities

Survive or thrive: the value of data insight

The global pandemic has impacted aspects of our everyday lives and our shopping and buying behaviours have changed dramatically. Ecommerce and digital abilities have become almost crucial for retail brands and businesses to survive.

This report explores our changing retail landscape and how we have been affected Covid-19, as well as how the right data insight strategy, tools and tactics can be used by retail brands to thrive in a new online world.

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Our retail solutions and products

Our core product range includes ready-made data platforms, visualisation tools and other intelligent automated solutions.

Each has been developed to discover the truth behind your valuable data and use intelligent insight to better understand your customers, increase engagement, loyalty and drive ROI.

Loyalty Services

Ikano Insight knows how to make loyalty work with experience that ensures simplicity of implementation and management, optimised through the integration of the latest technology, advanced analytics and dynamic customer engagement.

Whether your loyalty scheme needs to be replaced, revised or implemented for the first time, Ikano Insight can design and supply a customised version of the world-famous IKEA Family retail loyalty programme.

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Loyalty programme and proposition design
Customised in as little as 8 weeks
Analytical insight and CRM support
App and eCard integration

Recommendation Engine

Ikano Insight’s decision science teams have innovated an AI solution that combines transaction and browsing activity with social and profiled characteristics.

Use to drive engagement with cross-sells and up-sells via personalised and highly relevant next purchase recommendations across all key channels.

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Create efficient campaigns to maximise ROI
Nurture customer relationships with relevant recommendations
Test, learn and refine product types and segments

Location Optimiser

Combining a base of over 1.6 billion compliant Smartphone users with the latest modelling techniques and data, the Ikano Insight team can now deliver unparalleled insights into demographically-enhanced consumer footfall behaviour on any store or retail destination.

Based on extensive data analysis, Ikano Insight can precisely derive the demographic profiles of tracked consumers to drive value out of the physical real estate.

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Understand footfall drivers in existing and competitor locations
Track lifestyle, shopping choices and commuting patterns
Optimise revenue growth strategies
Accurate to 25cm sq.
GDPR & CCPA compliant

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