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Retail solutions

Grow your customer value and win new market share

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Grow your customer value and market share

We help retail brands extract insight from their data, to optimise customer experience, and grow customer value and brand loyalty.

From location analytics to loyalty schemes, with 15 years working closely with IKEA brands world-wide, Ikano Insight now assists all retail businesses to adjust quickly to consumer behavioural shifts, and become more competitive in an omni-channel market.

We’ll help you precisely target new customers online and offline.

Retail analytics solutions overview diagram

Retail solutions

Location analytics

Identify and track competitor customers,
map retail catchment areas,
and directly target market share growth

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Customer analytics

Communicate with your target customers based upon their behaviour, life-stage, demographics and preferences.

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Marketing analytics

Target the value potential in your customer base, and take action to maintain growth and stem decline

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Pricing analytics

Price and discount elasticity modelling predicts customer behaviour, and enables you to maximise return and profitability

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Product analytics

Target your  customers with next best product offers, using recommendation engines, to increase purchase frequency and  value

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Our work

Retail solutions

Location Optimiser analysis reveals new audiences for concept store

Whilst IKEA already possessed extensive customer data within their Family loyalty programme, they now needed to understand the potential of new audiences, and how to directly access them.

Quite simply, IKEA needed to rapidly visualise customer location behaviour, integrated with multiple additional sources of customer profiling data, and customer shopping or transactional data. All in an easy to consume format, that would surface insights quickly, and facilitate positive business decisions.​

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Retail solutions

The world’s largest IKEA launches in a brand new market

We know from deploying and managing IKEA Family programmes globally, that member recruitment pre-launch is key to early success of the store. On average, Family members spend up to 2x more compared to non-family members.

So, registration in the brand new Philippines market opened a full 2 months before even the e-commerce store launched in July 2021, and effectively 6 months before the new store opened.

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Retail solutions

End to end data transformation for southeast Asia’s biggest furniture retailer

With 5 shopping centres and 12 IKEA stores across Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand, plus one more in Mexico, Ikano Retail collects, stores and analyses enormous amounts of data from multiple locations and departments every day.

As the data analytics and business intelligence partner to Ikano Retail, Ikano Insight executed the data warehouse and dashboard capability of their business-wide data transformation strategy named “Data to Insight” (D2i).

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